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Im in high school and next week is designated 'spirit week.' I guess one of the days (I can't recall which) is suposed to be nationalism day or something so we're all suposed to wear red, white and blue yadda yadda support the country yadda yadda. Dragon's first thought when we heard this in homeroom was ok, lets all wear black. I think we did the same thing last year and a bunch of us agreed to do it again. But I was thinking today, what about a black shirt with stuff about the side of the U.S. that our classmates might not be aware of? I really like the idea, but now I need the material. I'll prolly put on something about the School Of The America's ( http://www.soaw.org/new/ check it out; it suprised the crap out of me to say the least when Dragon showed me) and obviously something about Bush's anti-gay marriage ammendment, but I need more than just that. I know there are great things out there, I just need to find them. So if any of you know anything at all you think I could use I would love you forever. Thanks muchly!

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you could wear black shirts but write the info on them in red white and blue fabric paint. ur comments/statistics etc could focus on not all people being as equal as bush says whenever he tries to get ppl to go to war to 'liberate' people when they attack the us for being 'free'. free my ass.

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You are the Shit!

Thats awesome! Cutting it down to equality issues majorly cut down on search time and gave direction! Thanks!

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UN Flag

Make a shirt that bears the image of the United Nations flag.


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I did consider something like that but discarded it. I don't know about elsewhere, but the kids at my school don't really think outside an hour or two's drive - never mind the country border - very much. The point of the shirts was more America's internal problems though, not seeing the world as a whole.

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that is...

... so awesome. i would LOVE to do that with you. alas, i am here, and you are there... have fun, good luck!

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Thanks ^_^

I wish you could have done it too, that would have been fabulous!


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It went over pretty well, Dra

It went over pretty well, Dragon and I searched the web for hours, and her shirt came out smashingly. Mine was pretty nifty as well. It was only mostly teachers that commented. The students just kind of rolled their eyes for the most part. I'll post the facts we came up with later!
We had one peevous incident in the library, when some idiot scrawled 'dyke' next to Dragon's name on the check in sheet. We quickly deduced who it was by whom else had written in pencil and then comparing handwriting. It was just really juvinial, like something middleschoolers would do and then giggle over. If you want to say something, then say it! Besides that, it was pretty good.
I shall bug Dragon into blogging about it and her comments no doubt, so thanks for all the help and that is that.