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Hello everyone, I dont post very often but when i do it is important! Please sign this petition against Rev. Phelps. If you are unfamiliar with Rev. Phelps and his heinous works, go to his website and look around, it will make you sick. Its all words and opinions so dont hesitate to look around and see the hatred. After viewing his website go to this link to sign the petition, the accompanying article will fill you in on its purpose. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us to stop the hatred and put an end to this insanity.

Here is the petition link

Thanks, when I signed i was number 32,057. Put your number in here and lets get a discussion going. I have more info on other groups and national movements if you are interested. Email me at

Thank you all for your support, it is direly needed.

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It's a good idea, but I think it would be better to send this petition to the city council of Casper, not Phelps himself. Phelps is completely convinced of the righteousness of his "mission" and couldn't care less what other people, especially gay people, think about it.

People like Phelps, white supremacists and others are incapable of rational or intelligent thought, so all they are able to do is annoy people without actually being subversive.

In the event that this monument is erected, I sincerely hope that it is soon covered with all the piss, phlegm, and homoerotic graffiti that the good citizens of Casper can muster.

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wha monument? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

wha monument?
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Micheal Moore

Took the mick out of him for his tv show The Awful Truth (which is brilliant btw)

Phelps and the Sodomobile

Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

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Oh no...

I just saw the Reverend Phelp's site, took me down and made me cry again. I ask, what is this world coming to? Why can't people just use their heads and see beyond this stupididity? God bless Matthew Shephard, and everyone else here.


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Don't let it get to you...

...He's not the most sane of men. Rather than protesting against world hunger, sweat shops, or the US's foreign policy, he feels the greatest danger of them all is homosexuality. He even claimed that September 11 and the school shootings at Columbine High were acts of vengeance from God because of America's "liberal" stance on homosexuality.

His church is composed of mainly his family members and they're the ones who usually go with him to these protests.

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He's apparently gone on recor

He's apparently gone on record for making some anti-Semitic comments on the radio as well, from what I've heard.

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ever seen that? it's the web protest response to ol' phelpsy there.
don't give his site any more hits than necessary, or at least look at some decent gay stuff before u get too stressed.

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So what you're advocaing here

So what you're advocaing here is censorship?

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free speech != hate speech.

Would you let the kkk set up 'anti-nigger' statues?

(apologies for the language's to make a point.
Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

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Free speech != hate speech

I agree with that, but unfortunately, there are lots of folks who pervert the First Amendment so that freedom of speech, religion, assembly, etc. have also come to mean "Freedom of Stupidity." Well, if this thing goes up, I hope that it'll sustain as much vandalism as it takes to completely erase away (or piss/spraypaint/loogie away) its intended meaning.

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Walk above him

no one, absolutely no one, takes him seriously. even my bible-banging uber-conservative mother hates him. she went to his sight because i was trying to make a point and she literally threw up all over my computer she was so upset. especially by the matthew shepard thing. yes he's evil, but he is also completely insane and completely harmless. if anything, people like him make it more obvious that homosexuality is completely normal. let him build his statue, i don't know what he expects to accomplish, but it will backfire.

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crazy rev.

hi i'm new...never been here before...but this subject caught my attention...
i attend one of, if not THE, most liberal prep schools on the east coast, and last spring we recieved mail from rev. phelps. he called our school a "sodomizing lepper colony" amoung other things, and attacked us for our large number of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and just plain openminded students, faculty members, and alumni. he told us we were going to hell. this was sent following a school reading of the Laramie Project at an all school assembly. for those of you who havent read it you should, or see the movie, its very moving. The onyl responce Rev. Phelps got from us was that we became closer and more supportive of each other. our new dean of students is lesbian and resides on campus with her parter and their daughter.
rev. Phelps does not have the power he thinks he has, and while the things he says are hurtfull they are in fact his opinion..and if he believes as strongly in heaven and hell as he seems to he would realize that hate is a sin...
thanks muchas and sorry i wrote so much....

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