When Did You Come Out

Between the age of 10 and 15
22% (6 votes)
Between the age of 15 and 20
56% (15 votes)
Older than 20.
11% (3 votes)
Still In The Closet
11% (3 votes)
Total votes: 27


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it depends on how you define "coming out". if the first time i said "i think i'm..." is all there is to it, then yes, i came out when i was 14. but it was a little more tricky than that. i came out on oasis twice and at school at least three times, and to my parents even more. in a way, i don't think i ever really "came out" until this summer when i finally calmed down about things and began to really embrace and explore who i am. SO... what's the prevailing definition here?

not to mention that, unless i wear my heart on my sleave and tattoo the information to my forehead, i have to continually come out to each new person i meet, which means everyday here in a big, new city.

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