A Midautumn Night's Adventure

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Soooo. Had an exciting last two days fun-packed with boys!

On thursday I met this feller named Travis, whom Hannah is trying to set me up with. I dragged her along because I don't really know Travis that well yet and blah safety blah blah that I got harrassed for. Hannah dragged April along as well. It was an interesting night, and Travis and Hannah flirted each other rampantly. Not sure about this Travis guy yet, though. We're meeting again tomorrow.

Sooo, tonight after school Maggie and Hannah and Torrey and Kathleen and some other girl who's name I forgot and feel really bad about forgetting went to the pool to teach Torrey and April some polo. It was great fun. But my dragsuit broke and I had to wear my tiny white suit. Mrr. Will have to fix that before this weekend is over. First swim practice on Monday! Wheee!

Coach's first day speech is always fun. I'm going to do much mingling with the underclassmen so they're all like "Oooh, John is so cool, let's vote for him!" And I'll get voted captain, and it'll be awesome!

Sooo, after the polo ness this afternoon, we all went to JP's for a bit. Which was fun. And then I went home for like a half hour before running off to see Chris like 50 minutes away to see a Midsummer Night's Dream(he was Puck, shirtless with horns, and of course cute!). I got lost on the way there, so we were late. Meh. It was a hilarious play, though. Annnd afterwards I saw him in the hall and stuff but he was being swamped by people so I hugged him and ran away. He tripped during the play and said his butt hurts, and I told him I know some remedies. Yeah.

So after the play we went to Java Joe's to see Bipolar and I caught liiike the last song. It was cool. Then I drove Katie home and she had made me a cute rainbow necklace with a cool cross on it. Yay! :) I have rainbow stuff now!

And so yeah. Meeting Travis again tomorrow, which will be much fun. And I'm exhausted. So many boys! Going to bed. *mwahs!* I love you all dearly!


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It sounds like you had an absolutely fabulous day. Rainbow stuff is super cool, and so are shirtless bois...