Another high-schooler suspended!

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Have you heard this one yet? A girl in high school was given an assignment by her English teacher to do something provocative. With the large amount of homophobia at her school, she developed an interesting plan. During lunch her and a friend of hers stood atop a table. The girl yelled "End the homophobia!" and kissed her friend in front of everyone. Neither girl is gay but it is a subject that she feels strongly about. She and the friend were expelled for two days and the girl with the assignment was refused entry into the National Honor Society, despite the fact she has almost perfect grades. Luckily, the teacher who gave her the assignment is backing her in a meeting today to try and get her reinstated into the NHS.

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Hmm... It was for a class ass

Hmm... It was for a class assignement! Honest! Sheesh :o

I think NHS is kind of snobbish anyway. I can't get in with my 3.49 GPA... O_o If anything they should be congratulated on their activism. Although if it happened anymore, I'd suppose they could suspend them for PDAs... Meh... Kind of a fine line there between inappropriate PDA and important political statement.

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I heard about that a few week

I heard about that a few weeks ago and all I want to say is: that girls rock and im proud of them! i would like to try that in my school and the result would probably be the same but i dont give a damn.hmm should i try it? lol

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well you may notice i love Ani...but i think she has a good quote for this.....
"so i'll walk the plank / and i'll jump with a smile / if i'm gonna go down / i'm gonna do it with style / and you won't see me surrender / you won't hear me confess / 'cuz you've left me with nothing / but i've worked with less" -Ani Difranco
it really sucks that this girl is being punished for what she did. but at least she was doing something she could be proud of, and something that makes a difference...even if it's only a little one..

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Ani rocks!

Ani rocks!

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That makes me personally very

That makes me personally very proud. Er..not of our ghetto homo. relations, but of that girl. She had a great idea, not only did she definitely do something provocative, but she took an important step in ending the biases at her school (that's two birds, one lavender stone!!) Anyway, NHS is pointless, and helping to end homophobia is definitely NOT!

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Talk about inspirational! Whats the girl's name? Because she could get some publicity from that and speak out against Homophobia on a broder level!

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Thats pretty impressive - attention wise.
Nevertheless the NHS does have the right with valid reasoning to deny her entry - the NHS is not fully based on grades.

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Brave Girl

fair play to that girl!!! God i wish more straight people had that kind of balls and nerve when it came to homophobia!!
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Fair play to that girl!

I don't get all the US GPA system and stuff, but still, I think her actions were fantastic! It's so rare for straight people to even think. about homophobia (I know that I'm the only person who ever brings it up at school) that the fact that she even thought of doing the assignment is pretty cool.

Fair play to that girl - not all breeders are evil! :-p

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oh yeah!

Okay, if she really cares about the cause, and didn't just do it because she knew she'd get a reaction, then major props to this gal. Let's here it for hets who are cool! And, as my lovely ex-girlfriend, who despite good grades, a history of volunteering, and the fact that she is a brilliant artist, did not make it into NHS put it, "Well, the National Honors Society can go suck a big weiner. " :-)