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What's queer?

What's the difference between gay and queer?

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i call myself queer because it makes me feel connected to the community and culture at large. and because it allows for me to be attracted to the opposite sex as well.

plus, every other term sounds so damn technical. queer, as i was saying, is about a culture, an attitude even. i'm queer because i embrace things that sometimes happen to be "alternative" in our society. once i read something by someone that said, "i am queer because i am bisexual, jewish, a vegetarian, a progressive..." (or something like that, and i have no idea where i read that). i know someone who is commonly referred to by her friends as a straight queer, and one of my friends says she identifies with the culture even though she's heterosexual. at first none of that made any sense to me and sounded really bogus, but now i'm starting to get it. it's kinda like how sometimes i feel latin american, even though i'm a big old european american white girl.

so yes, queer. wonderous word. encompasses more than just sex as in sexuality, and refers to a community at large.

Ramblings of a Girl

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anceint language

where i come from, the word 'queer' is so old and out of use, posibly even ancient that many of my freinds refer to such 'gay jargen' as an 'ancient language'