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I had a different blog entry in mind of tonight. I was going to call it "A.D.D. Dick" but when i tried to go to Oasis, my internet was being difficult so I wrote in my my personal journal. By the time I finished I realized that it's content was not appropriate/ far too embarrassing for me to place on Oasis. So it's censored.

I did come to an interesting little realization when i looked thought my personal journal file and a damn good question. "Why are my longest entries about the pursuit some guy/guys?" I feel this is far to shallow of me and quite disappointing. I have other things that move my mind, like indecision over what i want to study. I want to take brilliant, moving pictures but I haven't picked up my camera in weeks. My deep down desire is to be artistic but I know it won't pay the bills so I'll work so much that I don't have time for it. Why is that not in my writing? Is is because I have a camera but not a boyfriend? I don't know.

The end.


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i really like that, matey. cool comment at the end. :) keep going - ur non-boy stuff is interesting to read too :)

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