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I drank too much last night. Vastly too much, worlds of too much. I've been drinking too much an awful lot lately, which is very unPetelike behavior. I quit doing speed about a month ago; I worry that I'm just swapping one monkey for another. My roommates are drinking upstairs; I am not. Further, I'm so hung over that it's not even tempting. It's been said that alcohol is the worst drug out there. I agree. I come from a long and distinguished (like my johnson) line of oldschool Minnesota boozehounds, and I of all people should know better. I sound angry with myself, and I guess I am.


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As long as you learn somethin

As long as you learn something from this experience, it won't be in vain.

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I can tell you exactly what speed will do to you. It will kill you. But first it will make you suffer. It took me five years to build a life for myself after I left home, and me and methamphetamines destroyed it all. Speed rolled over this town like a forest fire (I live in rural MN, go fig), I'd say at least half my friends have had substantial experience with it, and I can say in all frankness that I've seen nothing but ill come of it. If you do it long enough, it will destroy you. Period.

These days I'm back to my first and true loves, coffee and weed. Coffee and weed will heal your soul, I shit you not. It's the running gag at my house these days that pot keeps me off drugs ;-)

As far as ecstasy goes, I tried it once, and decided it was way too much fun for me. If the Goddess wanted me to be that damn happy, she would have set me up like that in the first place. It was a blast, though not really my thing, but I can totally see how people get wrapped up in it.

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