Friday night

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I keep sitting here thinking of these grand poetic things to say that end up being nothing like I imagined. It's friday night and like many a friday night I don't want to work. I'm stressed out and i can;t sleep. all I want is to be around people, sitting talking, bullshitting, in front of the TV or a meal or a movie. Unfortunately I can't have that here. There is the random party which is either grinding and liqueur or cliques and alcohol, great places for sketch and drunkenness but not for what I don't have outside of home.

Tonight is Halloween and I was going to dress as a well adjusted college student but no one was interested in my costume, actually, I wasn't interested in theirs. I'm tired, my friends are off campus or studying or sleeping or hanging out with their cliques that I don't fit well into and getting drunk but I can't sleep...