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I recently opened my bisexuality up to close friends and family. It was a hectic, nervous racking yet liberating experience. I attend a highschool known in my area as the "gay school" ... which has an open GLBT community. A few weeks ago my ex-boyfriend introduced me to this girl whom I now currently date. She's a wonderful person, and I love being around her. However since she doesn't live in my area, and I rarely get to see her, I find myself thinking about other people in my highschool rather than her. Is this wrong? Do you think I should end the relationship if I feel I may not be faithful? This is my first relationship with someone of the same sex - and I'm really not sure how to go about. Any advice? Thank you.

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Talk to her

Its alright for you to be in a relationship and still keep your options open.Relationships with girls can alwyas be dificult because you have to be extra careful of how she feels about things.Tallk to her and tell her how you feel about being not able to see each other often. Make sure you ask her in person and pay extra atention to her body language, she may just tell you what she thinks you want to hear because shes afraide to lose you.Not too long ago i was in the very same position as you, and we did see other people.In a way it was good because i didnt like being alone most of the time, but in the end i really got hurt when i walked in on her and her boyfriend, so i started hooking up with alot of guys i didnt care about becasue i was angry and upset.What ever you do, make sure its for the right reasons...
XOX dana