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my name is Jacob, i'm 17, soon to be 18 (december 2nd, same day as britney spears!!) this is my first post since like last march or something. anyways, i like photography, snowboarding (world's only pretty boy snowboarder i fear), i work in a coffee shop (caribou coffee), i'm homeschooled. my parents are super conservative, i just got out of a 3 month relationship, the 3rd that they've ruined. the first lasted for 5 months, the second for 1 and the 3rd for 3, so i guess i'm kinda an anomaly as teen gay guys go. oh well. i've never been broken up with, go me. right. anyways, i also LOVE LOVE LOVE film!! this is starting to sound like a fucking personals ad so i'm gonna go now.


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Unashamedly a Britney addict!

WooHoo, Britney! New album out November 18th and will be available at midnight at 24hr Wal-mart stores...not that I'm going to be there waiting or anything. Not that I've really taken much notice...never mind, I'm caught...Jason

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she was on graham norton last night and was actually pretty funny. (do you know what graham norton is? i think they're developing an american version of the programme but anyway it's like a camp chat show that takes the piss out of the guests and the audience.) i've never heard her talk before! she was funny but her new song...eh. anyway hello!

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