Im back!

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Wow, its ben ages since I've been here, I lost my password...

Its so funny being out. People will like, stay away from me, or just kind of ignore it.. I just found out that a ton of people Ive been with for weeks now ahve known all along.. And its just funny, theyve never said a word and the way they treat me is no different! I have yet to even encounter a religous nut telling me how wrong I am.. I consider myslef extremely lucky. My mother, hwoever, claims to be fine with me questioning but has reverted to calling it my "condition.." Like its a disease or something. The few people who odnt know are those in my Sudnay school class, and I'd like to keep them from knowing- but today I was debating homosexuality with one of the girls and shes like "Well, I odnt have an issue with it. Lets sya, hypothetically youre gay..." One of my other friends had to rmeover herself from the room and kept teasing me after.. "What a crazy world, where youre gay.. Can you imagien that, I know it must be hard..." Anyway, Im happy to be back

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YAY! ^_^

i missed ur blogging:( :P welcome welcome :)
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