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I am the luckiest girl in the world!! Well possibly not, but I sure feel like it at the moment. Despite stress levels that could definitely compete for worst in my life, I have had the most amasing week...
So I had some high hopes when I went back to school of meeting some nice single lesbians, or at least making some gay friends. I did my part, joined an LGBT group, blah blah. Three months later NOTHING had happened. I've had fun at social events, but outside of scheduled events have yet to do more than one random coffee outing with a group of people. So random coffee was, about a month ago. Two weeks later the girl from coffee calls me and leaves a message "just to say hi." I was having a busy week (plus I have a phone phobia) so didn't call her back until a week later, last Friday, just to invite her to coffee. She has plans to go to a drag show Saturday night with some other friends (people I have met from the LGBT group) and invites me along. At this point I have absolutely no expectiations; I've met her all of two times and am just thinking it would be fun to hang out with her. Little did I know... the drag show kinda sucked and we moved on to another bar that had a dance floor, where I ended up dancing with her for three hours! This is highly unusual for me, since I rarely ever like dancing, but it was the most incredible night! Long story short, we've seen each other almost every day this week, and I actually had my first *real* date with a girl last night. She is so wonderful... romantic and artistic and poetic and generous and sexy (sexy!! she's sexy...) and pretty much all around wonderful. *grin* :) And the best part of it all is, somehow she thinks I'm pretty cool too. Not sure why; she's a few years older than me and waaay more experienced, but I'll take it! I can't believe at this time last week I was debating whether or not to call her, and now I can't stop thinking about her. So for all of you who think you're never going to meet anyone... don't give up hope!


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:D...*waits...*:( ~~~~~~~~~~

"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"simply being loved, loved, loved -- it's more than enough"-BT (thx)

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*eddie becomes more hopeful than he was 1 minute ago*