Massachusetts Ruling... Hooray!

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Hooray for the recent Massachusetts ruling in favor of same-sex marriages! And to celebrate, I shall post my persuasive essay that I wrote for Advanced Expos. Writing Class...

Tom and Ed Want to Wed

Imagine a couple; they love each other dearly, and are active in the community. They've recently adopted a son. He's doing well in school. One night, perhaps driving home from dinner, one of the spouses is killed in a car accident. If this were a heterosexual married couple, the survivors are entitled to benefits like child custody and inheritance with little problem. If this were a homosexual couple, the surviving spouse would not be able to visit his or her partner in the hospital. He or she might not be able to inherit the deceased's property and land, they might even be left without any capital or place to live, perhaps even left in poverty. Their child could become a ward of the state, if he wasn't adopted by the survivor. “Many hospitals don't allow partners to visit or make emergency decisions on medical treatment. ... Few courts allow same-sex couples to jointly adopt children,


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My mom and Lynn are already planning their second marriage!!! This is momentous!!!!!! Monumental!!!!!! Everything and a bag of chips....All right. Yah you get the picture....
~Lisa Faery~

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that's excellent!

you should send that to the glsen and see if they will publish it as a resource!!!! :) nice one!

Dreaming of the Blue Hawaiian Diner...

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*gives you thumbs up*

This was an awesome essay. Was it written to be read, or performed?
Anyway, it's so true that we are right now getting the short end of the stick...
I hope you made a good grade on this!!!
Otherwise I would have to kick some a$$!
*winks at you*

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Was just written to be read.

Was just written to be read.

I got a B+ on it, because there were a lot of careless errors that I forgot to fix(like the mavement for same-sex cauples...), but fixed in this version. Meh...

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do you think the mavement for same-sex cauples is fighting for oquility in merriage? who knows? maybe they really exist somewhere. power to 'em, i say!

(will your grade be raised at all if we get this movement started to lend validity to your typo?)

Dreaming of the Blue Hawaiian Diner...and proud member of the mavement for same-sex cauples.