Matrix Revolutions ... November 5

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I am just so incredibly looking forward to matrix revolutions, it's fucking scary.

It's coming out tomorrow, and me and all my friends are organizing to go see it on imax the first time.

I know many people who hated the second one, but i still think it rocked. =)

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I love

I love the first Matrix and I must have seen it for million of times. ALthough the second one was alittle disapointing, i still liked it. I dont see why people had to complain about it, its good considering, although they lost the miserious quality from the first. THe first Matrix made us think more indepth of the movie while the second one, just confuses us a bit. But I still thought it was fab.

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most people forget that its a Trillogy. A three part series. the 2nd one is just part of a larger whole.

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Finally someone else who knows that!

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temple of doom
back to the future 2
die harder....

but for some reason i like empire strikes back best of the three.
i love trilogies tho.

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good trilogies come in three'

good trilogies come in three's

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My not so humble opinion

Matrix 3 rocked.

It made some weird kind of karmic sense.

I actually _liked_ the endning, since it opens a lot of philosophical debate on the nature of the matrix/the one/smith etc. (and that is all i am going to say.)

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ive been told the last 5 min of it really sucked but i havent seen it yet

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plot spoiling...

Okay, the place where I live is kind of a backwater, cinematically speaking, and if I want to see the new Matrix, I'll have to go all the way to Shanghai (too far) or Beijing (way the fuck too far), or wait until it comes out on DVD.

So, since I'm in a position of disadvantage, what's the general gist of the movie? How does it end? What was the reason for Neo's coma? Does anyone know some good plot spoilers that'll tide me over?