Quicky Survey Thang

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I WANT: companionship
I HAVE: awesome friends that I love dearly.
I WISH: they were male
I HATE: blatant ignorance
I MISS: having sa guy to snuggle
I FEAR: rejection
I HEAR: Elton John - The Big Picture
I SEARCH: contsantly
I WONDER: what next year will be like
I REGRET: holding back
I LOVE: boys!
I ACHE: in the middle of my back, you will give me a backrub, yes?
I ALWAYS: try to be happy
I AM NOT: angry
I DANCE: like no one's watching
I SING: like no one's listening
I CRY: openly
I AM NOT ALWAYS: who I want to be
I WRITE: in occasional spurts of genious
I WIN: ooccasionally
I LOSE: all the time
I CONFUSE: myself
I NEED: you
I SHOULD: do my bio homework


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bio homework sucks...don't do it... heehee no thats bad u should do it cause i didnt do mine for half a term then did it all two nights before i ahd to hand my notebook in...that was interestin...got it done tho...good luck

"No Ani those are NOT women, they LOOK like women. wow.. they're puuuurtty" Ani Difranco

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Survey sez!

I Want the truth
I Have to pee
I Wish I was braver
I Hate the Religious Reich
I Miss Chris
I Fear that I might be past my prime
I Hear a lot of bullshit from a lot of people
I Search for others who search
I Wonder if there are any left
I Regret every wasted moment
I Love as much as possible
I Ache for what I've lost
I Always come out swinging
I Am Not the hero of this story, if there even is one
I Dance only when shitfaced
I Sing when no one's around to hear
I Cry every April 24
I Am Not Always everybody's buddy
I Write about one-fifth as often as I should
I Win maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but you'll know it when it happens
I Lose my little stone bowl about twice a day
I Confuse even those who know me best
I Need someone I can trust
I Should keep not doing speed (three weeks and running!)

I Did it all, and if I had it all again, I'd do more of it
I Didn't take a shower yet today

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BLEEP...survey has been taken...BLEEP

I WANT: to be able to tell hot bois I'm gay.
I HAVE: no tolerance for stupidity.
I WISH: I could redecorate my room.
I HATE: random rudeness.
I MISS: Yale.
I FEAR: being outed again.
I HEAR: sounds from the 70s Show.
I SEARCH: slowly and without purpose.
I WONDER: if I will ever make it away from Arkansas.
I REGRET: being a whore (for a short period...I swear!!)
I LOVE: Rainy days.
I ACHE: nowhere...unless I get depressed..and then everywhere.
I ALWAYS: try to make people laugh.
I AM NOT: inconsiderate.
I DANCE: like an extremely white boy.
I SING: badly....but i enjoy it...so who cares?
I CRY: during sad movies...and pretty much no other time.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: as patient as I should be.
I WRITE: well...but only when I'm given a topic to write about.
I WIN: lots of academic stuff...and nothing else.
I LOSE: anything which pertains to catching, throwing, running, leaping...or otherwise making my limbs move in unison.
I CONFUSE: most everyone.
I NEED: a lot of sleep.
I SHOULD: start my math homework....fat chance!