Welcome Back to Me!

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Wow. Its been a month since I last entered a blog here. Stunning.

I haven't done much writing. I haven't found much time. Well, you get the picture...Happens to a lot of people I imagine.

A lot of not great stuff has happened in the past month. Actually, in the last week. I think being production personage for the plays gave me ridiculously bad luck.

Last wednesday my dad got into a car accident. He blacked out and hit a guard rail. Hes not young so his recuperation hasn't been too speedy. Plus they are screwing around with his diabetes medication and such. Then this Thursday Anthony got into a car accident. But hes a jackass and I don't even want to think about him right now. And then last night, fifteen minutes before I left for the plays, we found out that a family friend was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver less than a month ago and was buried on wednesday. I had to watch a memorial thing about him before I left and it was bad. I held all the pain and what not in until like the very end of the night, and then I just couldnt handle it anymore.

I havent written much in a really long time. Not sure why. Words just aren't working for me right now. I have been drawing a lot but I still don't believe in myself and hate generally everything that comes from my pencils.

College and the hunt for the perfect one for me, is damn near impossible! *twitch twitch*

Alright. Well I guess thats it for now! Its nice to be back. I missed everyone, regardless of whether or not I was missed. Catcha later!


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I missed you!

I still can't believe alll that happened hun.... but drama is pretty much over now, so maybe your luck will turn?

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I missed you too!!!!!!!!!

I missed you too!!!!!!!!!

~dragon fairy~