Welcome to all the new users

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I just wanted to extend a warm greeting to all our new posters.
Your input is greatly appreciated. Why not take this thread as an opportunity to introduce yourselves =)

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Ooooh I feel so welcomed! Gro

Ooooh I feel so welcomed! Group hug!!! No, j/k. Hi, I'm Mike. Nice to meet you!

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I wanna hug!!


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hey im new at this site ....just sayin ...waddup.... im not good at words

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*joins in group hug* ;)
hi everyone! i'm manda (as you could probably tell from my ever-so-creative screenname), i'm a 16 (almost 17) year old lesbian, and i'm *incredibly* excited about joining this place. thanks so much for having this kind of community - i can't believe there exists a place where i actually feel like i belong :).


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-joins in on group hug action

-joins in on group hug action-
Hug-a-delic...lol. Hi everyone, names Grace. I'm a 14 (and a half) year old lesbian and I'd just like to say...well yea hi. So hi. RgraceP

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hi everyone! im dana...im a lezbian(odviously, y eles would i be here?) but yeah, im 15 and im sooooo happy i found this site. ive treid for years to get my friends to unstand what its like , and they try, but they just dont know.im wit manda on this one, its great to have a comnity like this, i feel like im home!umm as u can see ima compulsive write n my blogs are a bit long, but feel free to read um.or AIM me , its the same as my user name.

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hi dudes and dudets

hiya everyone, i'm liam and its really nice to be able to speak to people who wouldnt want to beat me up for who and what i am. thanx <(^-^<) <(^-^)> (>^-^)>

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Hello! ^^
Im Arwen. I have just joined, this looks like a great place, I hope to hang out here alot and get to know everyone. hmmm.. I don't know what to say, lets see i am gay (i guess thats a given) an artist, pro-peace, bellydancer, polylangual, love music of ALL kinds (except contry-westren),im a barefooter. (allways walks barefoot) and a desert girl.

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this is better than good

i'm emily, and i'm sixteen.
i'm currently *very* happy because my poem was moved to the front page! i love sharing my writing with people, but its hard when i'm trying to be kind of low-key about the whole lesbian thing. (read: in the closet.) so i'm glad i have a place where i can come and share my blatantly homosexual poetry with people who can appreciate it.
i feel so thankful for accepting communities like this one.
the world needs you people.

just had to join in the group hug!
thanks, emily

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thanks for the kind words

and i have to return them by saying that your poem absolutely fucking rocked and there is no way i wouldn't post it on the front page =)

Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

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hiyaaa all!

Hi! I'm 15 and live in Switzerland....erm.. I luv music (couldn't live without it)... and I also love snowboarding, rollercoasters ;), the WWW and nice people...like I hope you are :).
I'm so happy I found this site!!!
bye for now...

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I bet it's cold there!!!! I love rollercoasters to

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yay, welcome, beinvenidos, hu

yay, welcome, beinvenidos, huan ying huan ying!

Ramblings of a Girl

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Hey ya'll (Hajimemashite)

Hey everyone. I am Patrick. I'm 16 and from San Diego,Ca. I just wanted to say hi and lock forward to reading your work.

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you make me feel old... but in a good way

Wow, I am extending my welcomes as I guess a *gasp* Oldie around here, which sounds really strange to me... I'm really glad you have all found oasis because it is an amazing place with a group of amazing people and I am really glad you have joined the family... I guess that is my rant of the day... welcome again, I look forward to getting to know you all.

~dragon fairy~

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hey, i'm tracy, as you probably already guessed, i'm 15 and i live in denver, colorado. i've been a lot happier lately as i have a new gf who is absolutely perfect for me... i love her so much..

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i'm new to this...

hey, i am a 17 year old puerto rican male who lives in birmingham, alabama. eh... i dunno what else to say...

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Well I'm a 19 year old female living in North Carolina. I'm currently writing a novel and send you a warm welcome.

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Hi---I'm new here...Hmm what to say? I'm 18, born in IL, going to school in OH.
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream"

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New to the boards

I'm a 16yo bi guy in Cincinnati.
It's good o know i have a forum to get this stuff out.
Nat Miller

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hi all

im karyn and im new here as of tonite. this place looks pretty cool and im glad that i found it!
im 16 and i live in michigan and im a lesbian. im in the process of coming out and have been so much happier! i have an "other" i suppose you could say but its complicated. anyways, if you want to know more get ahold of me or just read what i have to say!
talk to you all later..

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I just joined here a few days

I just joined here a few days ago... Seventeen years old, and still quite in the closet (I've been sitting here for a few minutes trying to think of how to introduce myself without giving out my name or remote location because I'm a afraid that someone in my pop 1400 bible belt town will somehow find it O_o eroding sanity ohno!!!!)

anyway, erm. I like music, movies (haha! how generic) and I'm currently trying to get into making my own jewelr, though I've never been able to really get into any hobbies without being distracted by something else O_o

And here is a really cool picture of a bird. http://www.ffshrine.org/ender/weirdbirdattack.jpg