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This is something people need to see.

The American Family Association is asking for your opinion on gay marriage! They intend to present the results of their poll to Congress, and I think it's a fabulous idea. However, they've made an oversight in their polling method, and I'm hoping to correct it for them. I just know in my heart of hearts that they want to do the right thing here. You see, they only posted the poll on their own website, but being a politically-oriented website their readership is going to be mostly of the one opinion on the matter, which would skew the poll results one way or another. I'm hoping to bring the poll to the attention of readers of more diverse political persuasions, thereby making the poll a more accurate reflection of the general public's attitudes. After all, the AFA, as followers of Christ Jesus, are undoubtedly concerned first and foremost with presenting an honest and truthful representation of the people's views to Congress. If you would care to help the AFA in their "quest for truth" by casting your vote, click HERE.

:) *snickers*

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so close

I just found out about this site earlier today- and right now at 22:44 central time 125091 or 47.7% are against and 117908 or 44.97% are for.

Make a difference people! Every vote here has to count:)

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12:20am pacific time we r winning by .05!!!!! ^.^ keep it up people!
hmm.....i can use my multiple emails *evil laugh* hey do they send
spam 2 u?
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its 1:37 mountain time and we are ahead by .15, YAY!!!!

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we're in the majority! kind of...

I just checked, and the figures said this:

legalize it: 46.43%
ban it: 46.11%

I wonder what would happen if the AFA had to submit a poll to Congress contradicting their own position on the issue.


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Great Link

Doesn't really work for non-US citizens, but I just entered the zip "90210". We'll show them yet!

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in the lead

against (booo hiss hiss) 44.46%
for (yay cheers yay) 47.70%

combine that with those in favor of civil unions and BAM! in your face afa!

*gosh this is so much fun, no work and all poll searching makes me happy :) *

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this makes my day ^_^

Haha, this is great. 3:00 eastern time, and it stands:

oppose: 43.46%
favor: 48.59%
'union': 7.95%

You do the math. ^_-

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We're Ahead!!!

As of this writing....

39.86% oppose gay marriage

51.81% favor gay marriage

8.33% favor civil unions

:) *snickers*

That means that 60.14% want at least some kind of recognition that accords rights and priviledges equal to marriage! Surely, the AFA will keep to its word and send this poll to Congress, won't they?

Post this on other discussion boards, email friends, and spread the word.

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I found this site through sea

I found this site through searching for outlets for my disgust with the AFA--
You guys are sure doing a tremendous amount of good.
As it stands at this point, 56.26 percent think that it's a Good Thing, 8.29 favor civil unions, and--aww--35.45 percent, lagging so far behind, think that homosexuality is the greatest evil of our time and Those People should never be allowed to marry.
*big grin* Look at their little votes, so cute...

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Hey you guys I have been following this poll fairly closely and it seems as though the backlash has begun. We seem to be dropping ever so slightly in the points. Only by .1 or so, but still if this trend keeps up badness will ensue. So make sure you keep telling people.


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Thank you Greling

Thank you Greling

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"communicated to each other about the AFA's survey and encouraged one another to vote"
-_-* umm...isnt that the point? lol!! wha a bunch of jacka$$es!
som1 should mail the poll results 2 congress *giggles*
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