Bi teen websites and chatrooms

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I need some wbesites and
chatrooms for bisexual teens.

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I'm assuming you want some li

I'm assuming you want some links, since you just stated a desire.

Might I suggest Google?

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i think i tried that when i was startin/relizing out as a bi but it only gives porno sites 0.0
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The problem with google

The problem with google (on any topic) is that
1) it means you have to type in certain words to search engines that you may not want your parents to see considering it keeps a list
2) and other people on oasis can give advice on the good sites to visit, not just a list of the sites avalibale.

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you can delete entries on the list if u hover over the word with your mouse and press the 'delete' key. but theres still the problem of looking for a needle in a heystack.

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Try it has some good links and chat rooms and things, it is pretty cool, good luck finding sites!

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I tried but it do

I tried but it doesnt allow me to sign
up and says that something isnt right.i tried
multiple times but it doesnt u have similar
problems cause i would really like to sign in and
i dont know whats wrong?

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I signed up at Mogenic about a year ago, back when they still had new issues. Since that time, I think 1 article was posted. If what I think is correct, then they stopped working on the site was it was and put all of their effort towards a newer Mogenic. Mogenic 3.0. Or something.

They had said V3 would come out late '03, but perhaps it has yet to come out. My two cents.

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Yeah, I've noticed that too,

Yeah, I've noticed that too, mogenic hasn't been updated forever, I'm getting sick of waiting. And I uploaded a pic of me awhile ago (they have to approve them first) and they still haven't approved it! It has been 6 months!.

Bah humbug.


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Bi teen websites and chatrooms

Try and, those are the ones I've visited

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tsc now

i tried tscnow last night but there were no bi/gay ppl on it, just girls who were depressed or suicidal or contemplating murder and other random stuff like that.

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dont be decieved by the name, it isnt just for students.