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I have to got to school tomorrow, but I cant sleep and I’m bored. My solution was to write an auto-biography for my profile. I feel like posting it as a blog first though. I like the way it makes my life seem so straight forward and simple. I don’t like that it makes me feel extremely young and naive....

I was born in Israel. I came to Washington D.C with my parents. Two years later my brother was born. I started in a private kindergarten at age four. Once, I was bored and I cut my own hair. I was worried that no one would recognize me the next day, so I wrote my name on my shirt. Everyone thought it was cute. I went on to the local public school for first grade, and then in fourth grade I was home-schooled for three days before I got accepted into the local magnet school. When I got to the magnet school, I was given the choice between third and fourth grade, because I was born late in the year(December). I chose fourth, because I had two friends in the fourth grade class, and only one in the third grade class. My fifth and sixth grade science teacher grew up in my house. That creeped me out, but was cool at the same time. He is a cool guy. I still bump into him around town, we talk.
I married my friend's Brother on the play ground when I was ten and he was eight. I wanted to be my friends sister, this was the easiest way to accomplish that. He didn't want to kiss at the ceremony, but I made him peck me on the lips. We are now divorced because he's a "drunk".
I was called to the Torah to become a Bat-Mitzvah on Dec. 13th 2001 (I think?). I got a lot of jewelry.
Middle school sucked. My boobs started to grow, and grow, and grow. I was a 32C in 8th grade. I got my period on the 8th grade field trip to Williamsburg VA. It wasn't heavy enough to be seen. I was lucky, no embarrassment. I went to camp for the third time that summer. For the third summer I had no friends, it was miserable. Freshman year sucked. I had no friends, wore new designer cloths, and shaved my legs every day. I kissed my first boy at a Synagogue retreat. I hated it. Summer came. I swore that I would make friends. I did. I stopped shaving my legs.
Sophomore Year I made friends with the Freshman, they loved me. I went to my first parties. Got high for the first time. Skipped classes. Joined the GSA. All my clothes had holes, not on purpose, just because I stopped caring. I had dreadlocks. Summer came again. I went around the world. It was amazing. I kissed my first girls. It was fun, but not romantic. School started. I chopped all my hair off.
Im a junior. I skip school to joy ride with friends. I hate school, but I do my work, and get decent grades. I wear glasses that have no prescriptions, just clear plexi-glass. They’re cute. I have crushes on boys and girls. I’m to shy to pursue anything though. I hate myself for being shy. There still hasn't been anything romantic in my life. Its 1:26 a.m Dec.1, and I’m going to be Sixteen a week from yesterday.


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You remind me of a friend of

You remind me of a friend of mine. Welcome to oasis.


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i like ur blunt out look on things;cut right to the chase, no shit! welcome to oasis, mazel-tov on finding it. :D
xox, Dana

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Actually I have been here for

Actually I have been here for about a year now, Im just a quiet person... I think I've posted about 5 times over the year. I would like to start posting a lot more often though.