Catholic parenting magazine says gay-tolerant Catholics are misled

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This is an article I found about 'homosexuality' and how it's like...screwing up the catholic church. It's from a catholic parenting online magazine, and it seems to be against non-homophobic catholics...I found it very creepy.

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Creepy indeed...

Indeed very creepy.

These are probably the same people who kill abortion doctors or who donated money to Fred Phelps or some similiar person. Just a bunch of malarkey, in my opinion...

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Well, I don't think most Catholics would side with a guy like Phelps or kill abortion doctors, since Phelps (a Baptist) is fairly anti-Catholic. As for the Catholic Church's abortion stance, they're against abortion, but they're also against the death penalty and war. I don't agree with the Catholics on this, but I respect them for not being hypocrites.

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Crazy kooks

I have the feeling that the author writes just to hear him- or herself talk. And I have serious reason to believe that not all the subscribers believe in what the Catholic Parenting Online says. Like the CPO ppl seem to believe, or would like to believe, I don't think that the readers have a blind faith in CPO.

My two cents.

Also, the quotation marks around "come out", "gay", "lesbian", and "bisexual" cemented my trust in them. :P

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interesting observation

i was just noticing where I put my own quote marks...around 'homosexual'. I guess because I really don't use that word except when I'm joking. I always say gay, queer, lesbian or lgb/lgbt (depending on whichever it is at that university). In the rightwing media here they tend to use 'homosexual' in a very clinical, diagnostic way - kinda like paedophile.

happily, the catholic half of my family are online kinda people, but are NOT catholic parenting online kinda people. they're pretty gay friendly and get on really well with my gf. (Came to our engagement party and each gave us $100...and they're not the kinda of competitive middle class liberals who would throw money at us just to 'prove' they 'didn't have anything to prove'. They were pretty broke at the time.) I only have one aunt who's hardcore religious and lives in colorado who like...will not even acknowledge gay marriage as a concecpt...but i've ranted about her before.

i'm really conscious about how i use quote marks now! eek!

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very off topic..........

i think i should put this in a blog *shrugs*
Bible: thou shall not lie w/ mankind as thou would w/ womenkind..
well something lik that. i sleep("lie") w/ my mom("WOMENKIND")& i dont think its i shouldn't "lie" w/ "mankind" as i would w/ my MOM/"womenkind"....confusin eh? hypocritical qoute?
wow catholics confuse that qoute is tellin me 2 b lesbian!tehe.
:D :P
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Personal experience

I'm Catholic.
I read the article.
I'm disgusted.
I don't even know where to begin. These views are often emphasized to me by my best friend's mother. During one of her frequent impromptu speeches on the evils of homosexuality, she once said, "I hope you're not letting these gay people at your school think they're right!" Hmm...

Me: "Hello there, fellow student."
Gay student: (Confused) "Hi..."
Me: (Irritatingly cheerful) "Just thought I'd let you know that homosexuality is wrong. It's okay to have these feelings, but acting on them goes against the Church."
Gay student: "Um... excuse me?"
Me: "We'd all really prefer it if you kept your feelings inside, and resigned yourself to a life of chastity. Just thought I'd let you know... after all, we wouldn't want you to think being gay is right!"
(Hands him/her a Bible and exits.)

Okay, maybe a little too much sarcasm. But honestly, I've had enough of this stupid duality of thought on the Church's part. As a Catholic and a gay teen, it's hard to know where I stand.

My best friend supports me one hundred percent, by the way. Her mother has no idea I'm gay, and is actually my Confirmation sponsor. Ah, Life's little ironies.