Damn the lack of commissions!!!!

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So I haven't written a REAL blog in a while. Just haven't had the motivation, or discussion topics to do so. Eh, we can't all be little socialites! *wink* Although I have done A LOT of stuff. Just don't care to share sometimes. *shrug*

Allie called me the other day and since theres some sort of pattern going with the sharing of ex stories I might as well talk about the Allie Monster.

At the time she was about two years older than me, she had a no-fucking-with-me attitude and that was appealing. My mother was dating so many different people that I felt lost and alone and Allie was the kind of person who got what she wanted, when she wanted it, and that "it" was me. So we started dating. At first it was nice. She was the attention that I needed. She "loved" me and she was there for me. But then it got to be too much, she needed me more than I needed her. She got violent and she got mean.

But thats all in the past now. We broke up a while ago, and things are better now. Until she calls me. Which she does often and at the most random times. Usually Allie just calls to complain, and to plead and beg with me. Fun fun fun. But I know better than to go back to her. Even at times like this when I feel at my lowest point. Someday I will have a partner who loves me for me, and I love just as much.

GUESS WHAT!!!!! ITS SNOW/HAILING!!!! Sorry. That was random, but true.

Anyways. Well now that that story is over....I spent three hours hunting down references for the drawings I have to do. No not commissions...Damn I wish. The funny thing is, you have to get your "art" seen first before you get commissions. Oh yah, and you have to have this little thing called TALENT. *sigh*

I am doing a drawing of an antique fire truck for the elderly man who is my neighbor. He is going to Florida for the winter and I am watching his house so I figured I would make him a drawing. He collects all kinds of fire truck stuff, but I have never seen any drawings in his house. When I was younger I used to make him easter baskets because I felt sad that he didnt have any family around him during the holdidays. Corny, I know. I am also doing a billion (more like four) drawings for my cousin's christmas present. She is obsessed with horses so I figure an assortment (or four)drawings of horses, a pegasus, a unicorn or two, might appease her. The last drawing I am doing is going to be a concrete truck for my dad for Christmas. Seems kinda odd but it really isnt. He works for Aggregate Industries which is a concrete company. So its actually perfect. And I MIGHT do a drawing of a rainbow faery for my mum. We'll see about that one....

Well I s'pose thats enough rantyness for now. There are two strange electricians creeping about my house. Better go keep atleast one eye on everything, never know, if I leave them to their own devices, the cats might eat 'em! *wink wink* Lol. Catcha later! OH!! And WELCOME to all the newcomers, nice to have ya! If you ever need to talk, my AIM is Chiclet666!!! Have fun!!!


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Woot woot to extra long blogs

Woot woot to extra long blogs! I am glad you know you don'thave to go back to Allie, you don't deserve her crap. I wish I could draw, that would make Christmas so much easier. Thats really great, about your neighbor, the baskets must have made his day. Lol, let the cats have the electricians, sketchy sketchy folk.... ^_-

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I wish I could leave them up to their own devices....and let the cats eat them....but apparently I am too nice for that. Lol. If you want me to do a drawing for someone for christmas for ya, just let me know. I would happily do them. Somedays its hard to remember that I dont need Allie, but its true.
~Lisa Faery~

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Oh yah and...

^_* Lol
~Lisa Faery~

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Lol, yeah. *over-dramatized

Lol, yeah. *over-dramatized sigh* I guess someone has to be. Actually... I might take you up on that, my kid sister is a horse freak and she loves the pictures you've given me.