Dancing 101

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Okay. So I'm the only gay boy that has absolutly no dancing ability whatsoever. I just went out to my first gay club last night, and fell in love with the scene. Of course I tried to dance, but what ended up happening was something so horrible that I don't have words to describe it. What I really need are some dancing tips from all of you scene queens out there.

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it's called

a strobe light. =)

Dancing is all in the hips baby. aaaallll in the hips.

I guess how i learnt to dance would basically be copying cool 'moves' i saw other people do for a while.

That was for the first 6 months ... once you start getting the rythm .. it just dances you , not you it.

I find i dance my 'best' when i am on some form of hallucinogen .. it just comes easier when you are in altered states. Not that I am saying you have to drop acid to be a good dancer , I was just saying it worked for me =).

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