Dick before my second decade!!!

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it's almost 2 in the morning, I have a kinda bad headache but it doesn't matter cause I'm having good conversation with interesting people/person and I need to write my new year's resolution. It is New Years of course!

I can't believe my last post was a month and a half ago. Updates:

The semester is over, I'm still waiting for my grades from what was supposed to be my raising GPA term and so far much is left to be desired. Hopefully next semester will be better, I'll adjust to my room, manage my time and make freshmen do all the important work in COLORS.

I'm trying to pursue the Photography thing but at this point things don't look too good, I got the approval to take the UPenn photo course from the art department at my school and I'm still in the process of figuring out if I can take this class at UPenn. After a month of emails and a lost portfolio (they lost my only portfolio with all my best prints) I still don't know if I can take Photo 2. Meanwhile I let the semester end without getting all the necessary paperwork signed so I can go to UPenn registration. Pain in my ass!!

I've gone back and fourth about my whole virginity thing and slim picking s and I've decided I will do something though I have done nothing (except a very close dance with this guy I know which was quite nice). I social life at my school without alcohol, a healthy about of game, or a sea of boys already in love with you is fairly challenging thing but I'm intent on pulling it off. I've had a year and a half to watch everyone else play and not it's my turn. I'm turning 20 this coming year and I don't want to do it as a boy. With this statement, I announce my new year's resolution. I'M GONNA LOSE MY VIRGINITY!!!

You heard it, I'm gonna get some dick before my second decade!!
(sorry to be crude)

Not only am I going to lose my virginity but I'm going to have a stable relationship with another man if only for a semester (or a week or two)! You heard me it will happen. I resolve to do this.

but wait there's more...

I also resolve to ear an A in my french class and at least one of my CS classes next semester. This will happen or I'll go brain-dead trying.

Wish me luck!

Till next time...


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Good luck to you!!!

From my own experience, virginity is just a hump (no pun intended) you have to get over, then dick is a lot easier to get.

Okay, I'm, like, so fucking drunk right now, having imbibed who-knows-how-many cups of Gluehwein (German-style mulled wine) for New Year's, so I'll be going to bed now, provided that I can find my bed... Anyway, Happy New Year, and I wish you the best of luck in thy holy quest for Dick (I'm also sorry for being crude).