First Timer

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This is my first time posting although I have been reading the entries for quite some time now. For all my life I've believed that I'm straight, and nothing has ever indicated anything any different. Well, this changed when I got to college (GO BUCKS) and took one look at my RA. So now I wonder if I'm going through a phase or am really for thought. I haven't felt attracted to other women yet, but damn when I look at my RA....sigh....and it isn't just physical attraction either.


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RA crushes

I know how you feel! My freshman year (last year) I had a bit of a crush on my RA... *sigh* aren't crushes annoying? Well, anyways, she was _definitely_ straight, but I couldn't help but dream. ;) (especially when I saw her all dressed up for our winter formal!) I totally understand your lonely feelings and whatnot...keep your chin up, things will be better in time. :) **Hugs** Feel free to IM me at xphileatnd if you ever want to chat.


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Damn Crushes

Thanks so much for the hugs! I love hugs...make my day. I'm pretty sure my RA is straight. Haven't seen any indication otherwise. My RA looks so good in black, any shade of black, and wouldn't you know it's what she wears most frequently? It's like she's trying to kill me...dreaming's always fun. I just want to get rid of this crush so I can look at her without feeling pain along with thinking "if only...' damn those "if only's".