Help Me Deal with my School?

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So my school has told me that my date to the Christmas formal is not allowed to wear pants because it is a "traditional formal dance" and "traditional formal ladies' wear" is a dress. Any ideas on how I can handle my administration? By the way, it's an all-girls Catholic school. Thanks!

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Thats terrible! Oh my God! I

Thats terrible! Oh my God! I dont know what else to say, just that its terible.. ooh. *hugs tightly*

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Oh, what a bunch of horseshit

Friends of mine went through something fairly similar at our (public) high school, and it's just as stupid now as it was then. What the hell is informal about slacks? In the business world, women wear pants all the time. If you give a damn about what I think, my advice is to (metaphorically) tell your administration to go fuck themselves (I assume here that you've already tried to be rational), and dance the night away directly outside the front entrance. In pants.

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Okay, I apologize for my inflammatory statements. Kind of. I still stand by it, but I also realize that it's not that simple. My first post was very much a from-the-gut, first thing that came to mind sort of thing. Things like this just get me angry. But in the end, you have to make a choice, and as far as I can see, there are three options (maybe more, but if so, I can't see them): you can sell out, you can fight, or you can say "the hell with 'em," stay home, and fuck the bejeezus out of each other. A hard choice, and an important one. If I could give you one piece of advice, know that you're setting precedent here. I'm not just talking about your school, but yeah, that too. I'm talking about yourself. This is sort of a "pebble in the pond" kind of decision, not too big of a deal by itself, but the ripples will last for a long damn time. Think it through, then make the choice you think best for you and the person you care about. Fuck everyone else, this isn't about them. Good luck.

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TeeAhr1. Raving batshit loony? Or HOPE FOR MAN??

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Thanks so much. These links

Thanks so much. These links should help a bunch!

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a little backwards

ok, Im assuming from the post that you are a girl, planning on takeing another girl to the dance. I am the only one who finds it odd that the big issue seems to be that they are makeing her wear a dress?? not that shes a girl?? I would think they would have issue with the former. I dont think I would push it too far if i were you. Its sounds like you are lucky to be able to bring a girl, and I wouldnt want them to change their minds on that because you are making a big deal about what she wears.

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It's not that I'm just making

It's not that I'm just making a "big deal" out of nothing. My date wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a dress, and I shouldn't have to make her uncomfortable so she can attend.

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Maybe You Are Making A Big Deal

I took my ex-girlfriend to my senior prom. She's not the type to ever wear a dress. But, she felt that it didn't matter what she wore, as long as she had that opportunity to be with me. She said yeah, in the beginning she was uncomfortable, but my love and attention put her at ease. I feel your clothes don't make who you are, but what you believe in. True, I don't feel a school should require a female to wear a dress, but I do believe that all rules aren't made to be broken and that all buttons aren't made to be pushed. But that's just me.