how to get the girl?

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i like one girl from my school and i dont know her
very good,we only talked a couple of times and i
dont know if she's bi/gay but as far as i know she doesn't have a boyfriend.i really want to get closer to her but i
dont know how.i would appreciate your help alot thanx:)

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Advise is a diffecult thing to give. But, here goes, git to know her as a close friend, and just as a friend. After a while bring up the topic of bi/gay and see how she feels about it. if she is bi/gay and its the right time tell her how you feel..

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Thanks alot for your help! I

Thanks alot for your help! I am trying to become
her friend and even it's not so easy cause we only
go together on trainings and she lives a bit far
from my place, I'll give my best to get closer with
her.Thanks once more; I don't know what I would do
without you guys

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Well, my first suggestion is

Well, my first suggestion is to follow your instincts. THat's always good. Then, this is just my idea, so feel free to react as you like. I say, establish a friendship. Get to know her better. This is good to do because whether or not she's gay, if you just don't get along you can't have a relationship. THen, bring up the subject of sexuality. As long as she's not, like, violent ly not-gay, just be honest, tell her you like her and you'd like to be more than friends. Then it's up to her. And you might end up with a girlfriend, yor just another new pal. Good luck. I'm pretty sure this is good advice, since this is how I snagged my second girlfriend. :-)

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take it gradually. talk to he

take it gradually. talk to her, get to know her, become her friend. it's best to first get to know a person before you try to get into a relationship with them, to make sure it's worth your time. bring up the topic of dating, sexuality, and see how she feels about pursuing relationships and who with. if she seems like she's going for girls, tell her how you feel! good luck!




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O O o O o O!! *jumps up & down*

to know if shes gay:
1. say ur a gay activist(which u probably r if ur here;) & ask her if shes a homophobe then say ur les/bi or ask her ....whichevr*shrugs* gay pride on ur backpack & make sure she sees it
3. tell her w/ aim,yim or note in her locker

gettin her
1. flirt......(that's not my department) sorry:(
2. say sweet lil nothings (also not my dept.)
3. poems & other writings ( my Dept.!! :D )
4.......i dunno....
"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"simply being loved, loved, loved -- it's more than enough"-BT (thx)

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lol im bi but still in the cl

lol im bi but still in the closet =/
i do have some stuff written on my backpack but shes not really looking at it
and im too afraid to tell her anything till we become better friends.but i did
say sweet lil nothings and she said that to me too i remember how happy i was
when that happened ^_^
sometimes i think shes really interested in me and stuff but sometimes its like
she doesn't even notice me.well i'll keep getting closer to her and i hope she
feels the same for me which is now like 10 percent :(

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what to do

Well I have my own situation right now and aren't doing so well in it either
but my advice is to get to know her. Don't push or do anything stupid,
be kind and don't bother her much or make her do things you want to do. Let
time take it's stroll. I didn't do much of this that is why I am in this
situation with the girl I care so much about. Well sexual activities don't
get into that untill your married. Your better off doing that cause of
all the issues about teen sex and everything. If she is gay, well if you
love her then you love her no matter what. If you love her. If you don't
then so what just get another girl.

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i kind of feel the same way.

i kind of feel the same way. i just try to ask
questions and start conversations because that way you can become friends and maybe then you can ask her but it is important to be patient because you never know what w
will happen if things get rushed. it is just always best to g
best to get to know the person before you ask that
very personel question.