I need some help...

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Hello. My name is John, I am 19 and I am from Bucharest, Romania. As you may know, Romania is an ex-comunist country, with a lot of anti-LGBT feelings among its citizens.
Since almost a year, I started asking myself about my sexual identity, and I discovered that I would really want to do it with a boy of my age. Of course, I would be very selective in making a decision, but in the end I think I would like it very much.
The big question is: How do I notice that someone I meet is gay or not? I know that asking the person would help a lot, but don't forget that I am from Romania, and if the person I ask is not gay, I would probably be flamed etc., and I don't want that.
You know, in Bucharest there are not even gay/lesbian pubs or such. All I want is to have a normal relationship with a person like myself and, believe me, it's almost impossible here.
I found this community and I am really glad for all the fellas that post here, describing their beautiful relationships.. I wish I switched places with any of you :)

I wait for an answer. Peace and thanks for this gorgeous site.