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.................I read Hol's 257 words.

So we met and for some reason she liked me and
then I got to fall in love and into adoration.
I fell in love with her when she threw us a
fractional bithday party for our inner children
so that we could turn 12 and one half. I fell in
love with her when she taught my bird to trust a
human hand. I fell in love with her again when I
walked in the door a month ago to find her sitting
at my kitchen table with one of my crying friends.
I fell in love with her while she was sleeping. I
fell in love with her while she dropped sushi from
her chopsticks.

I love her touch. And I love her lips. And I love
that I know how to sort of run my fingers through
her amazing hair, so that I can run my fingers
through her amazing hair. I love that she really
asks people how they really are.

I love watching her work. I love watching her in
motion. I love watching her asleep with a book
folded across her stomach. I love that there is
usually a hole in her socks, or that there used to
be. Well, when she wears socks.

I love that we work in tandem and breathe in tandem.
I love that she is my partner in every sense of
that word. I love the way she makes me feel when
we're in the same room, the way I feel even when
she isn't in the room.

I am grateful for her. For who she is, in relation
to me and in relation to others and even in relation
to herself. For what she is about. For what she has
and continues to share(d) with me. For what she
has taught me. For the fact that everytime she takes
something from me, I feel like she's actually giving.

I am grateful. I desire her. I love and am in love
with her. I respect and adore her. I admire her.

And because this is Canada, and because this is
Ontario, the bigger news that we have for every
Oasian involves a wedding in October. Though
if you asked us about it, we'd tell you to call it
a spousing instead of a marriage - because we're
quirky like that.



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I wish you nothing but the best for the future , and many more years of happiness.

Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

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I hope you two are happy forever

*sniffs* Im so happy for you, I read Hol's blog and then yours and they made me cry. I'm so incredibly happy for you both, even though I don't really know either of you I read your blogs about when you met and stuff and watching you two be happy has really made me happy and given me hope. When I'm reading about you two, I don't see your relationship in terms of being queer, but in terms of being in love.
Yeah, I don't think I make sense so, congratulations, I am so incredibly happy for you.


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mazel-tov! im so happy for you two, its great to hear about two peopel who are in love getting married!i wish i lived in canada so i could see it! i iwsh you all the luck.
xox, dana

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Congratulations to you both! It's refreshing to hear of some genuinely good news in the gay world...it seems the misfutune that sometimes comes with being gay eclipses everything else occasionally. I hope your "spousing" [ :) ] is great, and best wishes for all the days that follow.


P.S. Awesome writing!

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You two are the originals who I read to figure myself out, I looked to you for guidence, and for support and you were always there. I am soo happy for you and I know we are all wishing to find the same in someone. Best of luck, and I mean it with all of my little gay heart.


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thats so cool.... congrats to the both of you!!