More "Don't ask, don't tell" b.s.

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Military dismisses needed linguists for being gay

In the past two years, the Department of Defense has discharged 37 linguists from the Defense Language Institute for being gay. Many studied Arabic. At a time of heightened need for intelligence specialists, 37 linguists were rendered useless because of their homosexuality.

Historically, military leaders have argued that allowing gays to serve would hurt unit cohesion and recruiting efforts, and infringe on the privacy rights of heterosexuals. (emphasis TeeAhr's) In 1993, at the urging of President Bill Clinton, Congress agreed to "soften" (quotes also TeeAhr's) the outright ban on gays in the militarywith a policy that came to be known as "don't ask, don't tell," which allowed them to serve as long as they kept their sexual orientation secret.

On its 10th anniversary, "don't ask, don't tell" exists in a vastly changed nation. In 1993, there was no "Will & Grace," no gay Jack on "Dawson's Cree"k," no gay-themed Miller Lite commercials. In 1993, fewer than a dozen Fortune 500 companies offered health benefits to domestic partners. Today, nearly 200 do.

The Army said the discharged linguists were casualties of their own failur to meet a known policy. "We have standards,"said Harvey Perritt, a spokesman for the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command at Fort Monroe, VA. "We have physical standards, academic standards. There's no difference between administering these standards and administering 'don't ask, don't tell.' The rules are the rules." -Washington Post

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As the venerable Margaret Cho says...

" 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.' How dare they! How dare they ask you to die for your country yet not allow you to be who you are!" (From her recent 'Revolution' tour which is out on CD, not yet DVD)

That about sums up my feelings toward the DADT policy.

You want to help unit cohesion? How about letting the unit be truthful with each other.

Recruiting efforts? Can't help that. After all, what straight guy would want someone with an M-16 in hand saying, "WHO'D YOU CALL FAG?!?!" :P

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speaking of Jon Stewart (O.T.)

from last night, talking about the Geneva Accord between the Israelis and Palestinians: "As long as there are imaginary peace accords being signed by make-believe delegates, this fake news show will be there to cover it."

btw, realized I should have blockquoted the article, but now it won't let me edit. Sorry, y'all, I realize this is not the kind of service you've come to expect of your old buddy TeeAhr. I'll do better.

TeeAhr1. Raving batshit loony? Or HOPE FOR MAN??

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TeeAhr's rationale for gays in the service

One compelling reason: fags fight dirty. We learned in high school.

TeeAhr1. Raving batshit loony? Or HOPE FOR MAN??

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Don't Ask, Don't Tell is nothing but a B.S. statement!

I couldn't believe my ears back in '93 when they announced the policy. Honestly I was thrilled. I basically based my high school curriculum on preparing myself for the Marines. In the end I realized it was something I couldn't do. I love who I am. If I ever get married, I want a huge GAY wedding, and want to be able to invite my co-workers. The goverment telling us to keep who we are a secret is just another way of telling us that we should be ashamed of who we are. They can take that policy an shove, right were the enema goes! Oh, please excuse the crudeness behind that last statement.