New in every sense of the word.

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First of all, this appears to be a very accepting, awesome community of people and that's what compelled me to sign up. I was so blown away by some of the talent I came across while reading blogs (stars and nothing is in all honesty one of the best writers I've had the privilege of reading, hats off to her) that it was almost impossible for me not to create an account here.

I'm still closeted, unfortunately, and I haven't got the slightest idea when I'll have the guts to come out. But joining Oasis seems like the first logical step, and I can't wait to start posting here. :)



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Wow... feeling deeply honored to be mentioned.
I came to extend my welcome to a "new" post, and I got an incredible compliment.
Well, thank you so much, and welcome. Yes, it's awesome here, isn't it? Glad you found it, I cna't wait for you to start posting either!
love *emily*

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Welcome! I have to agree with you about stars and nothing.
Blows me away! I can't wait to see your posts.

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