Our Queer Agenda

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ATTENTION all gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, intersexed, queer, questioning and other inadvertently omitted demographs!! One of our members has betrayed us and posted our "agenda" online for all the straights to see. Our agenda is no longer hidden.

To get the full information, read Membership Renewal by Cam Lindquist.

Your thoughts?

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*stops laughing to wipe tear

*stops laughing to wipe tear from eye.... then starts laughing all over again*

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Ellen forgot to mention the annual founders day picnic which will be held on June 14th this year and will feature such games and activities as pin the rainbow on the queer, bobbing for dildos, and the ever popular kissing booth!

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bobbing for dildos!

Ramblings of a Girl

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thats great. bobbing for dildos.. hahaha

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Who's Dildo leisa?

Who's Dildo leisa?

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Why yours of course JB. What

Why yours of course JB. What other dildo would be suitable?

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the one you found on the swin

the one you found on the swing that time?

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i like that humor. ^^

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amazing. AMAZING. i love it. i adore it. *falls over laughing hysterically, but not before hitting the print button*
but you're right leisa, ellen *did* forget to mention the picnic! i'm surprised at her. speaking of which, do you know where it's going to be held this year? i'm not sure, but i've heard something about massachusetts...
*falls over laughing hysterically again*


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Actually Manda, if you'll rec

Actually Manda, if you'll recall, last year the picnic was held in Billings, Montana and it caused such a ruckus that we decided to hold it there again this year and every subsequent year in hopes of doubling the gay population of Montana. :-)