Poor "Persecuted" Christians

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Recently Fox News annouced a special they are doing, titled, War on Christianity, on how they allege the media is "bashing" Christianity.

They assert that Hollywood is "anti-Christian" and uses characters like Ned Flanders (Simpsons) and Jesus Christ on South Park to prove their point. They provide the assumption that the media gives no diversity of opinion when it comes to the Christian religion and disregard the current trend of shows like Seventh Heaven and Touched by An Angel.

It should also be noted that they use the term "Christians" when really they mean conservative Christians, because there really has been very little mention at all, positive or negative, of liberal Christianity.

Personally, I think this is another case of political victimhood. I think conservative Christians are learning from the far-left side of the gay rights movement, and instead of rising above their level of immaturity, they are merely copying their tactics.

Firstly, they say that conservative Christians are being "bashed". This is reminiscent of the simiplar plight of gays being bashed. The distinct difference between "Christian bashing" and gay bashing is that when gays are bashed they're ususally strung out, pistol whipped and left to die in freezing temperature like Matthew Shepard. Conservative Christians, however, are "bashed" whenever they are criticized for their political views or theocractic beliefs.

When gays talk about anti-gay persecution, we are talking about people like the Reverend Fred Phelps of Topeka Kansas who protest at funerals of murdered gay men, people like Dr. Laura Schelsslinger who call us a "biological error", and people like Dr. James Dobson who believes we should be rounded up and institutionalized "to protect the family". We mean people like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson who blame us for the attacks of September 11th and work on a daily basis to deny the families of gay and lesbians who died in the terrorist attack financial recompense.

When conservative Christians talk about being "bashed", they mean any negative press that far-right fundmentalists generate. They mean any time cartoons poke holes at the hypocrisy and anti-intellectualism of Creationism and and anti-evolutionists. Surely they would like us to believe that there is an epidemic of hate crimes against conservative Christians.

When you call a conservative Christian like Gary Bauer a bigot, or "One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ", they say that you are "anti-Christian", an attempt to mirror the "anti-gay" phraseology. Surely conservative Christians are being called "child molestors", a "biological error", "worthy of death", "an abomination", "pervert", and "guilty sinner" on a daily basis and as a standard in general conversation.

More so, conservative Christians are being "persecuted". This is to draw lineage to the persecution of Christians in various Middle Eastern countries, the tribulation of Christians under the pagan rule of Rome, and give "prophetic" insight to the future persecution of Christians as outlined in the Book of Revelations.

Are Christians being spat on, having their limbs removed, hung out on crosses, burt, and driven into a Halocaust-like state of silence and submission? Do they really have it as bad as Paul of Tarsus or Jesus Christ to stake the label of "percuted" to their name?

As part of the Fox News motto goes, "Fair and balanced. You decide".

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Reminds me of this guy on a f

Reminds me of this guy on a forum I frequent. He was complaining about how sexual preference insults can get you banned! He also bitched about how he was marking all the queer topics he could find, but the mods ignored him. He felt as if his personal rights were being violated by such awful treatment of gays.

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it has begun

ah but no 1 complains about CHRISTAINS about spainish Inquisition.
They killed jews (Hitler & Nazis) & kill blacks (KKK) or so
i'v heard.
as i'v said on satanist.net :"tehehe :twisted: crazy christains they kill& kill nvr protest the wrongness of their doings but continue it.....
& o my goth! bitch about how wrong we,(most) victims, treat them! o woe r the christians! :roll:"

"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"simply being loved, loved, loved -- it's more than enough"-BT (thx)

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Howdily-doodily, neighbour!

The Christian Supremacists (term courtesy of Jello Biafra) finding that their hateful and illogical rhetoric is increasingly unfashionable, and they want to maintain their position of ideological superiority. It's sort of like those people who piss and moan about "political correctness" and claim that it's some sort of barrier to free speech, when all they really want is to be able to use the "n word" in public and say that people of certain skin colors are intellectually superior to others and have those views taken seriously.

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Fox News would!

Fox News would!

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Forty-three consecutive Christian presidents and the strong majority they represent are being persecuted by a satirical construction-paper cutout of Jesus?

What a bunch of wimps.

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I'm going to print that off and tape it to my monitor. Beautiful.

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Re: Wimps!

antinous wrote:

Forty-three consecutive Christian presidents and the strong majority they represent are being persecuted by a satirical construction-paper cutout of Jesus?

What a bunch of wimps.

Nice one, antinous. You have summed it up well!

It annoys me so much when some Christians bitch and moan about their 'percussion.' Now, there are exceptions to this -- I saw a Catholic kid get the s--t beaten out of him for his religion ... by a conservative Protestant who thinks that Catholics are Satan-worshiping evil pretend Christians who worship a fake Jesus, a la Jack Chick. So, some Christians are persecuted for their religion, but it isn't be evil godless TV and movie producers ... it's by other Christians.

The vast, vast Christians in America and the rest of the Western world will never know what it's like to be attacked for their religion. The sort of people who Greling wrote about just want a theocratic state where they will never face any challenge or dissagrement with their views.

- alkahest

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Poor Persecuted Christians

This is in response to Greling Jackson’s article titled “Poor Persecuted Christians

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qoute GODSCHILD:"select “individuals

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Christians? Persecuted? Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

"What about Herb Baumeister, a closeted homosexual, who killed and buried over a dozen men on his property? What about Donald Harvey that killed over 70 helpless people and even tried to kill his lover, Carl Hoeweler? What about William Bonin (known as the Freeway killer) who raped and murdered 21 young men and boys? These people were raped, tortured, shot, poisoned, beat to death, etc. and by GAY killers."

So? Who cares if they were gay? There are just as many (if not more) serial killers who are heterosexual. Not only that, but serial killers kill becaused they're messed up in the head - as a result of dissociative disorders (as was the case with the Boston Strangler), schizophrenia (David Berkowitz), neurotic disorders (Andrei Chikatilo), or just plain old anti-social personality disorder (Wesley Alan Dodd) - it's not because of sexuality. Sexuality may influence their choice in victims, but their violent urges are a result of psychological disorders.

"Do you know if any of these people murdered were Christians or not?"

Maybe, maybe not, but that's not the point. There is no evidence that (at least none that I can think of - and you didn't provide any) that the people those men murdered were killed on account of religious beliefs, so their murders can't be classified as hate crimes. On the other hand, Matthew Shepard was beaten and left for dead by two otherwise sane men on account of his sexual orientation, making his murder a hate crime.

If American Christians were being beaten, murdered, detained and jailed or deported on suspicion of being "terrorists" solely on account of their religious beliefs, or denied government protection or services simply because they're Christian, then you could say that they are being oppressed, but fortunately for you and unfortunately for you and your weak and unsubstantiated argument, that is not the case. Thus, Christians are not being oppressed in America in any way whatsoever.

Many Christians (I won't make a sweeping indictment) believe with all their hearts that they are practicing the "one true religion," and that all other belief or non-belief systems are idolatry or heresy. This is why you quote the Bible and actually expect people here to take it seriously, and then go on to say that "we all sin." The fact is that your Judeo-Christian concept of "sin" doesn't exist in the theologies of most religions, and most other people actually don't take your Bible-beating as seriously as you want to think they do. Furthermore, other people's religions (or lack thereof) are as true for them as yours is for you, and you could be just as condemned to damnation or some other form of punishment in their eyes as you think non-Christians are.

So, to make this short, cut the preaching garbage, because like it or not, your chances of converting us to Christianity (or your take on it) are about the same as the chances of us turning you gay.

Regarding Mel Gibson's "The Passion," I haven't seen it (nor do I intend to), but Kurt Vonnegut noted in an article for In These Times that he found it interesting that the film focused on the torture and death of Jesus rather than his actual teachings.

"Blessed are the cheesemakers?!" - The late gay member of the Monty Python cast Graham Chapman in "The Life of Brian"

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That was just about exactly what I wanted to say after reading that, but I'm uber-tired and wouldn't have acquited my argument nearly as well as you did. Kissez.

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Well said

Well here's one guy who has his head screwed on right. (or screwed off right, or brains screwed out right)

Hee hee.

I agree with you. The whole "thou shalt feel guilty" commandment that christianity runs on is WAY old and WAY tired.

Godschild, go nuke a gay whale for Jesus.

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Reply to Godschild and thanks to Greling Jackson

"You talk about “gay bashing

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hey godschild

thou love thy brothers & sisters godchild?....yea rite...
look down below ur O00! soooo lovin tender comment!-----\/

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We all are........

We all are bigots period. People started to persecute another since the laws and bibles conservatives came into existance. Its dumb I know but we all have to live with it anyway. Not everybody like everybody. We cant change their minds. Ive learned not to judge another without knowing them first. Thats my lesson and my own. Thos who judge another, has poor self esteeme and/or are just to overly stuffy about themselves. Period.

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A few things...

Hey all!

First: I don't think I read this before today. So, thanks to Greling for taking the time to write that piece! I find, however, that I get so angry and worked up when people remind me of certain people's actions and words... specifically those belonging to people like Dr. Laura, Falwell, and Dobson.

I don't think I have anything to add on this issue. I think a lot of what I would have wanted to say has been said.

Morbid: I think that's the most I've ever seen you write on this site!It was really neat seeing you use your particular writing style as part of a sustained, understandable argument! Cool!

Was Graham Chapman gay? I know he was an alcoholic, as well as hilarious, but I've never heard that he was gay...

All your responses were really good. One tip to so-called "Godschild": Please don't spout a long series of de-contextualized random Bible verses in order to make a point. It's not particularly convincing, and it makes you sound a bit unstable.

Thanks to everyone for all of your perspectives and posts!
In peace,


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Graham Chapman

Yep, he was indeed gay, but he was closeted for most of his life, and I don't think he ever really made it very public. I did make a brief reference to it in his autobiography, however.

I once saw a picture of him in this great T-shirt that said "Everybody needs something to suck on."

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Hop on your flying blue monkey and.....

Go back to Africa!!

Remember . . . everytime you masturbate, God kills a kitten.

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people assume you are an idiot, than to open it and remove all doubt.

Religion is an opiate for the masses.

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No Lie

I read that post and I had tears in my eyes. I live with a family of Southern Baptists. The only person who knows about me in my family is my mom, and I shouldn't have told her I was bi. My family's church constantly puts down GLBT people. This past Sunday, I walked out of the church service that my mother dragged me to. I couldn't stand hearing the preacher blame "America's failures" on gays and lesbians and anyone who isn't white, straight and Christian. I was shaking, couldn't breathe right.

And they have the nerve to say that THEY'RE persecuted?!

That really pisses me off. Seems to me like the world is stacked for them, giving them most advantages. Seems to me like the only problems they really have comes from their religion. I may be biased, seeing as how I live with these people, but I don't care. It hurts, being put down and spit on and called names by your own family. True, they don't know that they're insulting me (except for my mom) but somehow, I don't think that would stop them.

To be Christian is to be like Christ, am I right? Would Jesus have called a family member a dyke, a slut? (If he had a family ... whole diff discussion there...) Would he glare at his daughter and pick on everything she did? Would he be so prejudiced as all of these people who call themselves His followers?

I don't think so.

Christians say they're persecuted. I say they're prejudiced. I'm not making a good argument, so I'm just going to stop there.

I KiSs GiRlZ
AnD ThEy LiKe It