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It’s really such a stirring, electric night outside as I sit here with the bluish glowing computer light on my face. For being in the city I can see the stars very well, and if I was just a little crazier I think I’d run out under them…as cold as it is out there. I imagine I’d stay there, absorbing the thoughts which sweet nights can bring and I’d remain there as long as I could until that nagging feeling sets in—the one that I get when reality beckons me back again.

I celebrate Christmas. It was actually rather nice this year, and it felt good to be with my family again. Normally I’m not too thrilled about get-together type things, but there was something in their faces this year—something that made me never want to let them go because they might not be coming back again. They’re all moving on in age…every one of them. I see it every time they laugh, or move between rooms, or ask me if I want another daiquiri. My grandma has to use both hands to give one to me now because arthritis has slowly eaten away at her fingers. Those little things like that depressed me, and I know they shouldn't have.

But since Christmas is supposedly a happy time, I’m not letting that or anything else bother me. Why should I? I’ve got the whole new year of 2004 to be unhappy. (joking, joking)

I hope everyone’s holidays were and continue to be awesome. :)


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i know

Something about the way you pay attention to details in your family. You've got a great eye for things like that. Good descriptions.
And I can empathize with the feeling of everyone moving on... it feels so strange to be old. Well, as old as one can be at 16.
Which is also unbelievably young... there's so much out there waiting for us. Good writing again.
love emily