To the Rye

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Well, I haven't had a satisfying amount of time to run my eyes over Oasis in a while; I believe it's time to catch up. I'm very much in the writing mood at the moment...poetry, perhaps?

And, of course, I know who to write about. Love is the true inspirer, is it not?

Conversing with heaven in the cafeteria,
I sink quietly at the sound of my own name
Pronounced with your angelic voice,
And those soft undertones with which you speak it.
I believe (your beauty distracts...) you're describing your day for me
And I live to know, I do.
If I spent a thousand days on an alien world,
None would be more fascinating
Than a day in your life, filled with aspects of you.
But still your voice melts away in my ear
And all I can do is watch you, paying attention to me
Giving me your thoughts like precious gifts
Focusing on me like I’m worth you
Like I deserve to be addressed by your ocean-eyes.
Why must you be of my kind?
You pain bringer...torturer,
And sower of the most wonderful happiness.
I’d take you to the rye forever
And tell you of how you dim the stars…

I hope you all have a MARVELOUS Christmas! (or Hanukah or anything else...I see now the benefits of using "happy holidays")


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Love is the inspirerar, the only problem is that all I can write story-wise is sappy stuff!! My poetry does benefit.


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oh girl

brilliant, brilliant poem... i can feel everything you're describing.
i also love the title. it's such a pretty, pretty poem.
write more, please. i'm begging you-
and i am not a girl to beg lightly.

happy holidays to you too!

love *emily*

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Your writing (poems and just thoughts) has blown me away from the moment I found Oasis on my search results. So it's really cool to have your approval. Thank you very, very much, and I hope your time away from Oasis doesn't last too painfully long. Cheers! :)