Well woohoo

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I think I just broke part of my hand. See, I was upset, or am upset, or have been upset and instead of cutting I punched the wall...repetitiously. Joy.

Anyway. My guidance counselor is STILL avoiding me. I almost failed (like three points away from) an essay test when I THOUGHT I knew how to write, and my ferret died yesterday when he wasn't even six months old. Pissed off? You betcha.

Other than that nothing important. I spent over an hour writing TWO paragraphs on one of my THREE college essays of different topics. That annoyed me. Grammar is not my thing evidently. Although every year I go into english and my teacher tells me that I have no idea what I am doing and whatever teacher I had the previous year taught me incorrectly. Can someone please get their shit together and fill me in???????????????

Alright. I am gonna go now. "Hey strong sad...Batman...What are you doing in my house...well thanks for stopping by guys...thanks for breaking my cow lamp" Great parting words, I know. Catcha later.


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Hey hun, I'm sorry about all

Hey hun, I'm sorry about all the bad stuff thats been happening. :( Me and Dragon were talking about the GSA, we really want to help you set it up, amybe we could get together to talk about it sometime?