Who's Online Block

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I am making the who's online block optional until i can double check the code running it.

The guest online number is just suspiciously high since I updated the site , and while we might have 150 odd users at a time .. the rest of the stats don't really support 300 + guests as the counter sometimes purports.

Don't worry , it will come back .. I just don't want to put any false data on the front page. As per usual , you can enable it again in your account settings page. (you need to be registered)

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y's it always log me off? any other ppl have this problem?
*crickets chirping*
by the way thank you site management ppl :P
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It might be your security set

It might be your security settings. If you're on Internet Explorer, click on the word "Tools" in the top bar, then go into the Privacy tab in the box that comes up. Slide the security bar down to Medium High. Dunno what to do if you're on another browser, though.