2004 is the Year to be Queer!

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I was watching this program last night called the top 100 of 2004, basically a program that was trying to predict fashion trends, new movies and tv shows etc for 2004. Anyway in the middle of the top 20, Gay Per View was mentioned basically citing Queer Eye, Will and Grace a new lesbian drama (the name I can't remember)and others shows that will hit UK and Irish tv this year. One particularly funny bit was when one journalist said being gay in 2004 will be like being rich.
so... I bet you all feel validated now huh? ;)

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but then every1 will just say we r just being gay to follow a fashion.

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Re: Bad

Yes, that may happen for a while. But, It doesn't bother me, its better than having to deal with world wide homophobia.

. I think that it is also good, for those who are queer and afread to come out may be more comfterble to do so. And it will be socaily okay to be in public with your partner.

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TV caricatures

My concern is that many of those shows display a certain stereotypical gay
persona. I mean, I don't act or relate to any of those personas on TV. I may be
bi, but I don't fit into any of those stereotypes! I think some of those
caricatures might contribute to a type of homophobia. Let me give an example:
On The Royal Canadian Air Farce (a Canadian comedy/satire that has become less
funny recently), they did a new year's special. One sketch was called "Queer
Eye for the Al Qaeda Guy" where the cast members impersonated the "Fab 5" and
gave Osama bin Laden a makeover. I found the caricatures extremely offensive.
Yet, this is how many people conceptualize gay males. One TV critic has
observed that the real show "Queer Eye" propagates stereotypes (gay and straight
alike) worse than any homophobic nutbar.
These are just some thoughts. Anyone else?

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Some where to start?

I'd like to think mainstream acceptance of something gay is a place to start but I agree this kind of things can just make stereotype's acceptable.
"The hardest thing in this world is to live in it" Buffy- The Gift

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Queer Eye

How much do I hate the stereotypes in that show?

They even set it up in the title sequence when they show a junction between "Straight St." and "Gay St." or something. Aaargh....
Made you look, made you stare, made you lose your underwear!

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Straight Men = Metrosexual

I thought it was already trendy to be gay? What happen to all the Metrosexual crap in a box. If you ask me Metrosexuals are just gay guys who are afraid of coming out. ex. Orlando Bloom ( I'm keeping my fingers Crossed)!!!! : )

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Fail to see why people go so crazy over Mr Bloom. I admit he's quite hot but hmm I dunno he really doesn't do it for me.
"The hardest thing in this world is to live in it" Buffy- The Gift