An upsetting New Years resolution.

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2004? How?

It doesn’t feel like a new year. Not 2004, but not really 2003 either. Just sorta yearless in a way.

It was this year in which I honestly believed I would come out to my parents. I made one of those semi-promises to myself that I’d be out by the end of 2004. Sure, in some ways it’s a good goal to have, but in other ways it still seems like some impossible feat.

The thought of telling my mom makes me cringe. Does it mean I’m not proud of who I am? Or maybe that I’m not confident enough in who she is, and how she’ll take it. And dad, ugh. See, it’s one thing to tell a friend. It’s another to tell it to the two people that have watched me grow up, the people who symbolize “home


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comin out

the thought of telling my parents I'm a lesbian freaked me out
at first too, but more often than not its worth it. i'd say go
for it because you sound like youre close enough with your parents
that theyre probably willing to try to accept you any way you are.

hey, you still got another 364 days left to keep that
self-promise girl!


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Coming out

I don't think it means you're ashamed of who you are, I think it just means that you are unsure of whether or not you feel like you're able to fulfill your resolution. Perhaps you've become acclimated to being in the closet and would rather not test the waters.

Nothing wrong with that; I'm sure we've all felt that at some time. You just have to work up the courage to come out, that's all.

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We looked for something philosophical (we being Beryl and myself) but couldn't find it so we do sympathize and give you a hug, or 2, or 3... however many you need.


ps you still have 363 days left