Are you still ALIVE?!?

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Hi kids,

Yes, Momma is still alive, as a matter of fact. :) I wish I had some juicy gossip as to why I haven't been on in several months, but the reason is actually quite lame. You see, I moved over the summer, and just never got around to getting the internet hooked up. *lol* See, told you it was lame. Anyhow, I'm housesitting at the moment, so I have access to internet; I thought I'd post one of my world-famous, random postings to let you know what's going on right now in my life. Here we go....

As always, I have a boy story or two to tell. :-D Right now, I'm going after two different boys that I really like. They both have different qualities that I really like, so it's kinda hard to choose who I want to pursue. Since we're in the early stages of things, I can't even say that we're "dating," because we really aren't. We're still in the getting-to-know-you stage of things, which to me, is different than dating.

But I digress. The two boys have the same build and general look. As those of you who know me can attest to, Momma likes ALL sorts of boys (I don't have just one type), but one of the types of boys that I've always really liked is the tall, pale, skinny white boys. It's probably because I'm Hispanic that I have a thing for white guys, but that's cool with me. I just think boys like that are beautiful. Yum! :) And for heaven's sake, I don't want to get letter bombs calling me racist (Hello?! A gay Hispanic male being racist? Pluhhleeeze!), because I like all sorts of boys. This is just one of the many that I've chosen to talk about, as it is pertinent to my blog. So there, end of disclaimer.

I digress again. :-P So, the two boys are hot, and they also have personalities to go with their looks. One of them is just as sweet as can be, and the other really engages me in conversation. One is an artist, the other is starting off in his career. The thing that will be the ultimate determining factor in this is that the one who is starting a career and who really engages me in conversation travels A LOT. What good is conversation if you can't talk to the person? But, I honestly don't know what this boy wants from me, so I suppose before I count him out, I should see what he wants (fuck buddy, friend, fling, romance, etc.). Hrm.

I'm not quite sure where the artist guy is coming from, either. He may want just a friend, and that's cool, because he's so sweet. I doubt he wants just sex, because if he does, he does a really good job of not showing it. He may want to see how far things go, and that's cool, too. This guy and I have been out more times, and we always have a really nice time. I even got a friendly New Year's kiss from him (woo hoo!).

So I suppose at the moment, we're in the to-be-continued part of the show, here. I like 'em both, and they're both good guys. We'll just wait and see.

* * *

In other news, New Year's was a blast for me! I started off the evening playing in a quartet at my work (for those who forgot, I'm a geeky musician going to college for--you guessed it, music). It was a pretty long gig (four hours), and I'm still feeling it. My lips are chapped from playing so long, and it took a day or two for the swelling to go down. Who ever said playing a brass instrument was a pleasant thing is messed-up in the head! It makes you feel good inside, but physically, it's not so good. I mean think about it, having a piece of metal shoved in your face for four hours doesn't conjure up images of pleasantness. *lol*

After I got out of the gig (11:00 p.m.), I rushed over to my apartment in downtown, parked my car at my place, and walked over to my favorite bar ever. They were having this fabulous New Year's Eve party, and I got all prettied up for it. A good time was had by all. There were plenty of friends, booze, and fun up until they had to kick us out for the night. :) Momma got a little tipsy on champagne, and so I had to sober up before I started walking the streets of downtown. But it was fun, and like I said earlier, I got a nice New Year's kiss from a really hot guy, so everything worked out fabulously!

That's it for now. I'm going out with career-guy tonight, and actually, I think we might run into artist-guy. Hrm. We'll see how that works out. *lol* There's lots more stories, so I'll write 'em in the next day or two. You all take care, and as always, leave your comments! Tell me how crazy I am. :-P~



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WELCOME BACK! Oasis feels a little more complete now. Good to hear that you're fabulous as ever.

And by getting "prettied up" does that mean donning The Hat?


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Ahh yes, The Hat

Thanks for the hearty welcome! Glad to hear at least ONE person remembers The Hat. :) Yes indeed, The Hat continues to make its impact on my life and on those around me. I've even purchased another hat, as well. This hat isn't quite so fabulous as The Hat (because it's more of a rain hat, while the other one is definitely a dress hat), but nevertheless, the newer hat still gets me compliments wherever I go.

And one of these days, I PROMISE, I'll get a picture up. *lol* :)


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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The Hat

I remember the Hat too! ;)
"The hardest thing in this world is to live in it" Buffy- The Gift