Dreams with Nightmares

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could I cry
the tears
you wanted so badly to see
or seemed to pull
from the heap of my emotions
sprawled on the floor
and I bet you’re still staring at it
like you got no clue, right?

don’t use that word on me, it still stings

please, before I fade,
wipe all those shattered pieces of my soul
off your hands
off your lotion soft hands
with all the wisdom lines drawn on them in pen
did my blood wash them off?

don’t call me that, I said I wasn’t sure

could I have stopped
mid-thought before I loved you?
would it have made any difference
which way I turned as you
showed me your beauty in that light
innocently… like you didn’t know
what you were doing to me
like you didn’t know
that you’d be visiting
my nights alone in my room

don’t define me with your stupid fucking word

it would’ve been different
had I known
that you mix those dreams with nightmares
to delude the one who
always seemed to thirst for more


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I love it

I love the whole poem. I can't pick out certain phrases because it all rocks. And relates to everyone... :)

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."