Drinking Games That Aren't Good For Anybody:

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1) The "Why Are There Paper Bags Wrapped Around The Wine Bottles?" game.
When you overhear someone ask how "this whole 'blind taste' thing" works,
you drink. Drink again if you see someone obliviously rip the bag off the
bottle to see the label.

2) The "If I Trip Over This Rosebush Again I'm Going To Bleed Out" game.
Take a drink for each time you catch your silk pants on a thorny branch. Two
drinks if you draw blood. Another drink for each time the host says, "I should
really move this table out of the garden," and doesn't.

3) The "There's No Meat In My Meat" game. For each piece of meat you find in
the mysteriously saucy "Beef Dish", take a drink. You'll find that this one is
a little slow. To pick up the pace I suggest changing it to the "No, Nevermind,
That's Just A Mushroom" game. Have a bottle of something ready at the table.

4) The "Obviously Overstay Your Welcome" game. Take a drink every time the
person you're talking to yawns and looks at his watch. More drinks if the
hostess is furiously doing dishes. If the host is asleep on the couch, carry
as much liquor as possible out to your car.

Let the fun unfurl, People.


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i'm so proud

my little girl has grown up to be a little ho'

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