Fic - Thirteen

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I made a mental note to myself not talk about sex with Sara.
Unfortunately I scribbled it down and can't read it properly.

Sara has got a one track mind.
I know this.
Except her one track is now scratched and stuck looping the same thing.

Sara doesn't have any low fat yoghurt.
She does have a low fat body.
She's talking to me about... something... while getting out of her clothes.

I'm trying not to look at her, so I go into the bathroom.
I'm looking at the cracks in the lino, wanting to fall into them.
I think I was starting to hyperventilate in there.

She has really big... um... nothing.

This bathroom's small when two people are in it.
Really small.
I need a paper bag to breath into; she's in her panties and top!

Doesn't anyone have air-con anymore?!

I am not gay.
No way.
Or so I say.

We're sitting on the bed, no, not doing stuff on the bed.
On. The. Bed.
And I'm not even looking at her chest anymore.
I'm looking at her thighs.

I refer to my previous, doesn't anyone have air-con anymore, scream!

We're lying down on the bed.
Nothing's going on, no way.
No. Way!

She's playing with my hair.

We're just good friends.

Do just good friends get so close they can feel each others breath on their lips?
Do just good friends have hands on the other persons hips and face?
Thank God.

We're just good friends then!

I like her lips.
They look like they'd be soft to... um, nothing!
I take that back!
They don't look soft.
They look...

They're so soft!

I'm only kissing her back to be polite.
We're just good friends; right?
This is what just good friends do.

Do they kiss with tongues too?
Ok, good thing then.

We're kissing with tongues!

When did my top come off?
And when did her...
Her lips even feel soft there!

We're just good friends, good friends, friends...

We're just good kissing friends!

This is what you do after, right?
After someone just blew your mind.
This is ok to do, yeah?
Ok then.

I've just started smoking.


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Well then

As usual, I smile while reading your blogs. Something tells me that if I had an experience even remotely close to that, I'd smoke. If only one cigarette. I liked how you divided it into sections. :)

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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lmao :) "she has big..... shoes" its always shoes... see that way you can go.... "oh she had a great pair" my guy friends and i have been running with this one for a while now... not as funny as "she has a great pair of personalities" but effecting none the less tee hee

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i loved how you did this piece... the whole denial thing works great. very awesome. i'd probably start smoking too, because holy shit... yeah.

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Thank for the compliments.
Who wouldn't start smoking after that?
Not that I'm encouraging anyone...

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I loved this...poe--well, no...thing that you wrote! Perfect
example of when unlucky 13 is lucky.

Once again though, I loved it. You should really write more.