Florescent Lights

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I was staring today, I know it.

Electricity in rows above learning minds,
All florescent, in line with the school's budget.
I throw out my mind like I'm part of it all.

They flash by the windows like tributaries, like dark beams
All scowls and eyes like ebony bars.
Bright little girls in dim little worlds.

Your guarded laughing still comes back to me in memories.
All bracelets and sweatshirts, holding your sleeves
And me sinking as I saw the tribulation on your wrists.

Most likely today's the anniversary of some sweet day
Holding hands by laughing friends and empty pop cans.
Before the day florescent lights started to fade,

And you walked out the emergency door forever.


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Don't ask about my strange pronunciation of the word Well. I really like these two lines
"Bright little girls in dim little worlds" and
"Your guarded laughing..."
Both excellent lines

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."