Heres the Deal...

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The semi formal dance was last night. And I actually went. And I s'pose I didnt look all too bad. But whatever...

However, I am not dating my ex again. Alot of people thought I am but no. We just danced. Because hes a really good dancer. Plus he was the only other person present to dance with. Cause it was Chris, Corey, Nicole, and I that hung out together all night. I mean people wandered over from time to time. But it was mainly us four.

I am not stupid enough to date him again. And I dont see why it should matter to anyone else. But thats the deal. We just danced and thats it.

I didnt go to heather's after. One because I didnt feel good and two because when we (amy and i) stopped at my house so I could change into something more comfy, my mom said no because it was already 11:35. Plus I was slightly pissed. Amy told me that her, dragon, and heather were talking about me and Chris. And yah, that can be expected, but still. Its my life. I dont need my every move watched. WE DANCED. Thats it. It was a DANCE. So I think thats acceptable. But whatever. Its over now.

I was also far too worried about Amanda. I am worried shes going to hurt herself more. Although I have to say I was happy to see her.

Ok. Well, I am tired. So I'm gonna go now. Catcha later.


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Ok, I love how me and Dragon are getting in trouble for something that didn't really happen, grr.....