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When I say whatever, I am being impartial. I am not trying to be an ass. Just to clear that up.

I can't handle it anymore. Things that shouldn't get to me are getting under my skin and pissing me off immensely. I can't take the people I live with and the way I am informed of shit right before it happens. What am I ten? No. I'm seventeen. Feel free to include me in whats going on in my own god damn house. When my fourteen year old brother knows more about whats going on then me, theres something wrong. Sometimes I just need to take myself out of the situation before I completely crack and fall apart which is what I would do if I stuck around. GAH! I just can't do anything right. I always fuck something up. I don't understand it!

What is wrong with me and why? How do I fix it? Cause let me tell you, duct tape and super glue just won't work.

*bashes head against the desk* All right. I guess I should go and focus on Genetics. Finally passed a test in there, can't go and mess that up by ignoring a project although thats what I want to do. Ignore the project and open up my new mini canvases and paint. God I want that so badly. Damn genetics. All right. Here I go. Ready. 1 2 3. No seriously. One foot...the other...Right. Well catcha later.


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I hope everything gets better.