Just Some Shit From School Yesterday... Some Of Which Made Me Feel Like An Orphan

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1) I forgot my PIN number. I guess that's what happens when you carry a three
dollar balance in your checking account for four months. So if any of you know
my PIN, cough it up. I need it.

2) I did manage to scrape up enough change to buy myself a bottle of water...
which I promptly dropped and spilled all over myself. In front of, say, a
billion people. All of whom were carrying beverages successfully-- some with
only one hand. Show offs. I immediately felt like an orphan.
A thirsty orphan.

3) Is it currently "en vogue" to carry yourself as though you've been battling
malaria for the last six months?? I see all of these adorable grade nine girls
around with their tiny little jeans and their teeny little halter tops... even
though it's minus 15 celsius outside...and they shuffle around all round-shouldered
and neckless. I'm this close to carrying a ruler around with me, which makes
me feel sort of like an orphan, because aren't orphans sticklers for good
posture? Wait, maybe that's nuns.
Yeah, I don't really feel much like a nun. Nevermind.

4) Actually, I feel kind of guilty now. Everyone elses posts always have
something to do with them being gay. Mine are just... well... mine. I have
decided to add the sentence I AM GAY to each post. Hah! Now it looks like I
belong here.


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Gay quotient

I often find that some of my blogs lack a substantial gay quotient as well. Nothing to fear. After all, it's not like all we are is gay gay gay. We have other aspects to us. You see, we're like onions, we have layers. :)

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what about cake? cakes have layers ;)

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ogres are not like cakes! hahahaha.

I found the comments about the girls at your school very amusing, because I've noticed the same in my own school. I'm sorry you feel like an orphan.

Also, don't feel like you have to prove your gay-ness here.
After all, I don't know about you, but this is the place I come when I'm tired of proving things to people.
love emily

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I've managed to stick it in the title.
HAH! Onions, cakes and layers are awesome. So is shrek.
They're making a sequel right?
And thanks for the reassurance about gay content.

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*bursts out laughing* I'm not laughing at you just at the way in which you wrote. Your PIN is...hmm let me look into my crystal ball... 8546. As for dropping water, just think of all the little ants and such that are now swimming. Or drowning. Don't feel guilty about not posting gay related material. As adbak said, that's only a part of who you/we are. So post away!

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."