Just sort of a get-to-know-each-other thread

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This is one of our semi-regular "introduce yourself" threads. Leave your details below in a comment, and get to know who all your fabulous co-oasians really are. -- adrian

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I bet you see these all the time. Just wanted to ask how old we all are, you know, make all this informaiton more, um, accessible.
I'm thirteen, turning fourteen in eighteen days (the 30th), bisexual, I like video games such as Role Playing Games, First Person Shooters, fighters, I am considered smart by many who know me, I like reading, writing novels and screenplays, Psychology, virology, chemistry, forensics... I am mildly conversant in Spanish, can speak a little but can read a lot of: French, Portuguese, other romance languages. If given enough time, I can speak a little japanese, but not too much. I know a tiny bit of latin, and a very very miniscule bit of greek. Well, that's me.

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I wish I could speak more than two languages. I can't speak Spanish fluently but am able to semi-converse in it. I'm 18, going to school in Ohio (OSU) and am bi. I love to read; it doesn't matter what the content. Of course I enjoy listening to music. I like solving crossword puzzles and love animals. I love Eeyore. One day I'd like to travel around the world but most likely won't. Anthing else you want to know ask.
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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continuing to unwind the spool

well i know some spanish, but english seems to work pretty well for me. I am going to school at New York Maritime and am majoring in Marine Operations. I'm 21 and living as large as a loan paying person can. I love to swim and spend all of my free time in the pool, lap after lap. I'm gay and aside from hiding it my life is alright. I just wish I had the balls to tell somebody about it. That is the main reason why I like this site so much.

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Yeah Me. Heh My name is Nicole and I'll be 16 in march. Im a Sophomore in Texas, which sucks cause I live in a town that is so small. Im going to get my nose pierced soon, during Spring Break woo im so happy. I love reading, and art though I cant draw at all. Bleh my moms bugging me to get off...heh hmm what else. I love music, that is like everything. I love to go down to The Village and Deep Ellum with friends and Im about to go back up to Deep Ellum in February to see Dope, god they rule hahaha. But yeah hmmm my girlfriend moved a few days ago and im kinda worried about what is going to happen now. I hate long distance relationships. Garh rawr I have to go clean now. Bye

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disco freak

i am your most humble webmaster and Disco Princess Adrain. (it flows easier than adrian)

I am a proto geek who loves spending time online, coding , or fscking around with some from of computer trickery. I am also a professional hedonist, although as of late my clubs/drugs/boys days seem to be behind me. I am not quite sure I am ready to hang up my dancing shoes.

I am 22 years old and I live in South Africa (and have for my whole life) .. my personal site is at http://daemon.co.za

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yep, im 20, live in melbourne

yep, im 20, live in melbourne, australia and im bi. i like heaps of things, mostly music (punk/alternative/folk/tech). i read when i get in the mood (orson scott card rocks my world). unlike our princess im still into the boys/girls/clubs/drugs (that last one is hush hush) scenes. anything other than that, you guys know where to find me :)

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Orson Scott Card Rocks.

Especially the Ender and Bean series.
Ok. Huge rush of questions here that I should probably put in the private message, but am not going to. First... Did you know that they're trying to make a movie for Ender's Game? Have you ever played the Ansible Moo online? Well, never mind. It is off topic, so you probably should message me with the answers.

  • The future's not set. There's no fate but what we make for ourselves.
  • Sex is like air. It's not important... unless you aren't getting any.
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i havent red them yet

i love sci fi though

busy reading William Gibson at the moment (and getting kind of jealous at all the wild designer drugs they have in these cyberpunk books)

Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

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Orson Scott Card Rocks!

Yeah I love love love his books. Anyway, I'm thirteen (14 in 17 days) and I'm bisexual and trigender (I've found out that that combination is pretty unheard of but I deal with it). I live in sydney australia.
This is actually my first post! Yay! I recently told my best friend (who's gay) about the sexuality and gender identity.

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a good idea

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I've never seen a get-to-know-your-fellow-Oasian thread before. I think it's a good idea. Well, I'm Emily, 16, live in Texas. Currently best identify with the term "lesbian" to describe my sexuality. I love words and poems, notebooks and words, novels and poets and languages. I don't speak nearly as many as ReLyX does! Just English and Spanish.
I'm currently stuck in high school and waiting to get out...
I love music and sharing poems. I love tea and I hate vegetables... I want to live in the city. I am in love with a stranger and don't know what to do about that. I am Emily and I'm waiting for spring...
That's all about me I can think of.

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I love fantasy novels... and woot to spanish and english! ~dragon~

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I'm fifteen, living in Ontario. I like pretty much anything, specially skating. And Tony Hawk's new game, which I can never remember the name of.
It's probably Tony Hawk's Underground.
I also like writing.
And I'm a lesbian.
I speak English obviously, French.
I can do a bit of Spanish, Dutch and German. But not that much. Just enough.
I suppose that's about all.

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skatings the bomb! i shoulda mentioned that i mine! its way easier to play it on tony hawk than to do so in real life though ;) plus that doesnt involve getting off the couch haha. but skating definately kicks butt!

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Hell Yeah. Skating kicks ass. Everyone gives you dirty looks tho.
Ah well.

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dirty looks are fun, you just laugh and they get angry, then laugh some more... see how it works ;) eventually people storm off cause you annoyed them just by existing, its kinda fun

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I'm seventeen in fifteen days, I live in Sydney, Australia, about to start my last year of high school.
I'm half Japanese but I can hardly speak it, so I can't really communicate with my mum, who doesn't speak fluent English. My dad doesn't speak at all, unless it's about math, or conspiracy theories. My sister is nineteen and goes to university and has a boyfriend. The model daughter.
I like writing, but I have trouble applying it to anything but rants about myself... I'm kind of a failure at school because I'm so self absorbed and I don't read much unless I can relate. My mind drifts and I stare at walls and think about myself.
I'm a musical genius with a lot of talent but no initiative. I play violin and flute and drums, and I would play guitar if I could be bothered trying to teach myself, but I never practise.
I also speak semi fluent French after a six month exchange.
I've liked guys more frequently than girls in the past, but never as strongly as the girls I do desire. I'm still confused about that one.
Oh, and I'm a girl, in case you didn't get that.
I love The Smiths and The Cure and Indochine and lots of music.
There's more but I should probably stop here.

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I'm kind of a failure at school because I'm so self absorbed and I don't read much unless I can relate. My mind drifts and I stare at walls and think about myself.

that speaks to me.

Ramblings of a Girl

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About me...

Hmm, haven't been on in a while.

I'm Jeff Walsh, 35, San Francisco. Started this site in 1995, when I was much younger and lived in Pennsylvania. Writing a novel, and I write far more often at http://www.jeffwalsh.com/

Lots of old faces, new faces and lots of support here, which is good to see.

I am Willy Wonka.

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Are there really words to describe me...

My friends would say that I am unique, special, and spontaneous. I guess I would have to agree with them. I am 18, go to college in Buffalo, NY but grew up in Vermont on a daiey farm. I am a lesbian and my name is Kris. I am currently a very active Girl Scout member chasing after a friend named Michelle and hopefully things will work out tomorrow and we will be a couple and I will no longer be lonely!! That sums up my boring life.

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As for me...

Hello! I just signed up today! Here I go, adding my info to the pile...

First off, I'm sixteen. I'm bisexual and live in Atlantic Canada. I don't know how I ended up here, but I'm glad I found such a great site! It seems interesting!

I'm passionate about music and poetry. I like ketchup a lot, especially on French toast (yes, this is random info).
However, I don't enjoy maple syrup on my hot dogs.

Also, everyone's mentioning languages, so I'll do the same!
I'm fluent in English and French, though I'd have to take caution when speaking French to people since my spoken French is regional slang. I know a bit of Spanish, but not enough to carry a conversation. I can also read about 120 kanji, but that's nothing compared to how many there are!

Ok, I think I'm done now :)

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Me (or something like me)

I'm 16, live in Cininnati OH, and i'm bi. Music is my life: Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Phish, Beatles, Radiohead, Dave Matthews, Miles Davis, Bob Marley and Neil Young (the list goes on, but i'll stop there). I play guitar, and (sorta) piano. I write songs, and they're improving...slowly. I'm an editor for the school paper. I love to read. Speak french and went to France last summer to visit my cousins.
I'm a rabid democrat (ELECT DEAN), and i'm generally considered a hippie (as one of the pictures in my photo gallery will show)
Nat Miller

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where to begin...

I am almost 17, living in the states, though I can't stand it. I love the arts and identify as a lesbian, though I have found 2 guys who I can love, as long as their "down there" comes nowhere near me. I play guitar, I sing, I love drama and I love being outdoors. I've been here for almost 3 years I think and have been out for 2. I have a horse, a dog and a cat, and I am excited for Rachelle to make her wat to the east coast. (sorry random, she rocks) I don't classify myself though I love punk music, writing, poetry, alternative music, celtic music, jazz, female singers, etc. I love my chruch, I am unitarian univeralist, and i adore my youth group. I paint to let my soul fly. I am a fmenist and a rebel. I an a protestor and dislike our gov't.

Ummm thats about it.


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*hugshugs* You're such a cutie!

Oh! And I'm a 15-year-old dyke, formally from Oregon...moving to MAINE! I speak a little Spanish, enough to tell you what I want, she wants, he wants, what I need....etc.,etc.,etc...

I'm a self-converted, Reform Jew.

Basketball is a HUGE part of my life, although not as much as it was last season because I'm still recovering from a terrible ankle injury from May. Other than that, I lift weights when ever I can (which normally ends up to be from 11 PM till around 1:30 AM...but I'm not manic, I swear) and run when I have the time. I play the clarinet and bass clarinet, although I've taken a break from them. I'm trying to get into the acoustic guitar, but my life has been quite hectic as of late, so it's been to no avail. (I know, it sounds like such a stock excuse, but it's really true) I used to play percussion, and I want so desperately to get back into it! I fancy myself a drummer...lol.

Like Cris, I really hate living in the states, especially since I've been studying capitalist and socialist societies more and more. (Oh, how I yearn for a socialistic government...damn American greed!) I've always wanted to go to Harvard to earn degrees in political science and law, but lately I've been considering studying medicine in Spain or Italy...*loves romance languages*

Oh! And I'm probably going to get my eyebrow pierced on the way to Maine now that I won't be able to finish out the season (no jewelery in basketball!) Wooh for piercings!

I also read like a MANIAC when I have the time. I read 10-12 solid hours for about half the summer because of this dodgy ankle. *glares at left ankle*

Anyway! I'm going to stop now, as I could go on forever because I'm so pro-Rachelle. *thumbs up*

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Te Quiro, Rachelle. Muchos

Te Quiro, Rachelle.

Muchos besos de mi a ti.


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Howls all, s'up?

Sorry bout that, I picked that up in a chat room and I just like to use it.
I'm a 19 yr old fellow residing in Washington state. I currently attend CWU as a freshmen. I've successfully made it to Winter Quarter without falling into a hole or picking up a drinking problem. Unfortunately, while I have made friends I still often find myself sitting lonely in my dorm room, trying to work up the gall to venture forth into the outside world and meet someone new. I'm not usually shy over the net and such, but in person I'm quite bashful until I get to know someone.
My current intrest lies with writing and such, so I am pursuing an English major for the obvious reason.
I agree with Sahr_Enamble's (sorry if I didn't get that right) observation. So I'll just mention that I am learning Japanese at a fairly slow rate. The only pasttime passions I have right now are for RP (role-playing) in almost any form, and I've been boldy attempting to date. If anyone has any pointers, I would much appreciate experienced advice.
That's all I can think of for the time being. Though if there are questions, feel free to ask.

Take care all

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This thread was a good idea!

Hey all!

My name's Daniel and I'm from Toronto, Ontario. Currently, I am an English student
studying to become an English and Drama teacher. The Education program's a
blast! I really love it, and I've met really cool people.

I think popular music is really interesting. My favourite band is Great Big Sea.
I also believe literature is very important (hence the major/future profession).
I also like video games (the Final Fantasy series is a lot of fun!) and, well,
reading I guess (though listening to music's also great). Normally, in an
intro thread I wouldn't discuss sexuality. I'm bi.

'Best to everyone!

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I love Great Big Sea, I didn'

I love Great Big Sea, I didn't think anyone else knew they existed!


ps this is turning out to be the best get to know each other thread yet!

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Existence of GBS

Yeah, they're definitely in that category of 'semi-popular'. I mentioned GBS
in my grade 6 class yesterday (on topic! I swear), and none of them knew the
band. Well, they are just grade 6, but I'm sure they could identify any of the
bands/artists played to death on MuchMusic. Ah, hit radio/music television.
Anyway, I saw them last summer at the Molson Ampitheatre in Toronto, Canada, and
they were awesome!

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Well hi

Well I'm 19 Im fluent in spanish, en verdad es mi primera lengua, and english obviously. Im actually really into Final Fantasy, im almost done with FFX2.

Well besides that, I'm gay, love to read btw Ender's game is a great book but I prefer the rest of the series specially xenocide, lately I've read a lot of mercedes lackey.

Well see ya around

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i think the series got better as it went... but enders is the started, so i think its got me loving it the most.... shadow series kicks arse too! if you havent read it, most of its from beans point of view.. and other battle school kids as well. osc also wrote another book called "pastwatch: the redemption of chistopher columbus: and its amazing!

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I'm going to try to write in spanish without my dictionary, haha

Es mi segunda lengua, pero, yo necesito practica an espanol para la clase de Espanol 5 (AP spanish) Empezamaos un *thread* por espanol?! Hablo muy poco en espanol, pero, necesito mucho mucho practica. Yo estoy muy mal a hablar espanol. Adios!


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I'm 21 (my birthday is August 20th - same as Robert Plant, Connie Chung and H.P.
Lovecraft!), gay, and I like to read, travel, write essays and songs (for the
band I'll probably never start), and cook. I can speak Mandarin Chinese, though
I'm better at reading and writing than speaking, as well as a little bit of
German and Spanish. I've been in China for almost 2 and a half years, initially
living in Guilin, Guangxi for a year and a half, and then moving to Lianyungang, Jiangsu
for a year, and soon to Hami, Xinjiang for another year, and ultimately, back
to Lianyungang, where I hope to settle down on a more permanent basis.

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All About Jeremy

Hi! I'm Jeremy. I'm a close friend of the one and only Jeff Walsh, and I've known him for nearly ten years now. I contributed to the very first issue of Oasis, and then made Oasis history by never contributing again.

I'm now twenty-eight years old, though I was actually "youth" when Jeff started this thing. I live in San Carlos, which is about thirty miles south of San Francisco. I work for a startup company called PathScale. We do Linux clustering technologies. The job is pretty brutal, and it's driving me crazy.

I have a wonderful boyfriend named Conal. We've been going out for over a year. He's a Ph.D. candidate in anthropology at UC Santa Cruz. In less than three months, he will leave for Ghana to do his doctoral research. He'll be there for about a year and a half. I'll miss him terribly, but I'm a veteran of long-distance relationships, and I know we'll do fine.

I enjoy playing the piano and singing, though I don't do either too terribly well. I also play computer RPGs and a little Counter-Strike when I get the chance. I absolutely love baseball, and I'm impossible to talk to at least six months of the year. (My team is the Giants, of course, though I also like the Baltimore Orioles.) In theory, I like hacking on computers, but I already do that fifteen hours a day at work, so I tend not to want to mess around with them anymore when I get home. I love wine, and I really enjoy going wine tasting, though I haven't been in a while. I'm absolutely mad about the music, though I really can't try to list all the stuff I like. The CDs I've bought recently and enjoyed very much include Patty Griffin's "Flaming Red," Boy Sets Fire's "The Day the Sun Went Out," and Cyndi Lauper's "At Last." I'm also a mad, drooling R.E.M. fan. And Tori Amos.

I used to be able to speak a horrifying pidgin of Bayerisch and Hochdeutsch, but I've forgotten it. I studied Russian in college, but I completely forgot that one. I've also picked up some Spanish, enough to be able to read and understand stuff, but I've never studied that. I don't take to languages too terribly well.

Occasionally I go a little crazy and mail cheap electric shavers to foreign countries.

I'm really happy to see Oasis so alive and sustaining itself so effortlessly!

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jesus i miss you my main man.

infact, of all the oldies.. i think i miss your delightfull banter the most =|

I am glad you are working again (after the sgi thing) , and i am glad you and conal are still doing well (*mumble*jealous*mumble*) =)

However, never missing a chance to dig up dirt .. here is the poetry that he mentioned from the first issue of oasis

What he also didn't mention is that on top of being utterly brilliant, he is also gorgeous =)

PS: i have watched the copy of hedwig you gave me for xmas last year in excess of 30 times. i break it out after parties ever so often =)
Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

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And as luck would have it

archive.org kept a picture
Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

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That pic

Here's the regular link:


I shaved my head for Christmas, though, so my hair isn't there anymore! ;)

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a velcro head

it's funny when lint sticks to the back of someone's head. and they don't know

i love 5 o'clock shadow.. which is much the same cept it's velcro face

Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

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Yep, he's gorgeous. :) Just adding my three cents in.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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HI all

I'm 23 years old, and am currently working on my Masters in
History (focusing on labor union women) at Wayne State
University. I hope to be finished within the next year/year and
a half. I'm kind of a nerd, I like politics, reading, and punk music (currently rocking my world: Cursive, Boy Sets Fire,Pretty Girls Make Graves, Elliot Smith, Bright Eyes). I have studied a lot
of different languages (French, Spanish, Japanese) and am utterly hopeless with all of them. Oh, and I'm a lesbian.

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Marry me. Please. Cursive is

Marry me. Please. Cursive is my favorite band. ::drools:: Elliot Smith+BSF+Bright Eyes=Beautiful.

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boy sets fire = the best thing since sliced bread ^_^ they were so awesome live!!

xcursiveisxaneargasmx's picture


you saw them live? i officially hate you. grr i wanna see them live. so beautiful.

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hey all..

Linds, 22. Living in NYC. Doctoral student in English, adjunct instructor of same. Lesbian. Don't blog over here anymore, but I do come by to see what's happening.

Special Envoy to Tea-Drinking Nations for The Movement To Free Oompa Loompa Land From The Tyrannical Rule Of The Evil Capitalistic Despot Willy Wonka And Associates

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Hey, everyone. My name is Adam, I'm a freshman at Indiana University, and I'm majoring in Geology, and I might possibly double major in Spanish or minor in it. Along with English, my native language, I can speak Spanish and am currently taking classes in Italian. I wish to eventually learn French and Portuguese.

I like love Incubus and simply cannot wait for their new cd, A Crow Left of the Murder, to come out on February 3! I also enjoy the bands Ours, Our Lady Peace, Guster, Ani DiFranco, Sarah McLachlan, Garbage, Björk, Filter, Howie Day, Linkin Park, Live, Oleander, and Travis. Whew, what a long list.


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My name is Thomas. I am 15 ye

My name is Thomas. I am 15 years old. 97% gay (doesn't leave much room). I play drums and listen to music mainly of the indie, emo, and post/melodic hardcore genre. I have a habit of labeling things a little too much. That's just about it. Later, y0.

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ok so i'm 15 16 in april yr 11 i play soccer,skydiving(my dad jumps so i'm learning) i'm gay but i look straight as i'm getting into surfing and playing the guitar, friends r my life. I love music can't live without it my fav bands r jet,the darkness,limp bizkit, britney (not alwayz for her music lol) i dunno everything music rocks. well thats me my pics in my gallery n e way :) so thats me

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ooh this is fun

hi! my name is krystel and im 16 (17 in 10 days!!!) i live in ontario, canada. ketchup on french toats is gross. i like dipping cheez whizzed toats in orange juice. im in grade 12 and cant wait to gte out of high school. french is my first language and im obviously fluent in english...i know alil spanish but its almost all gone. i like unicorns, mushrooms (not the drugs), tatoos and anyhting shiny. my freinds describe me as unique, cuz im weird. im pretty much a confident geek who likes to argue and doesnt want to grow up. im lesbian...uh...i like most music except rap, country, most pop, and too heavy heavy metal. i like science, philosophy and im atheist. yep thats me

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yay my favorite topic- me!

hey kittens,

my name's kerith, im a 17 yr old, (wishing i was 18) bi girl, living in
melbourne, australia. i'm starting uni this year, prolly just be doing an
arts degree, though what i really want to do (predictable, idealist dream)
is act.
so im obsessed with movies-mostly those arty alternative films which
always seem to be rated r hehe. i also love music, but admittedly have the
most eclectic taste- unbelievable that one person can like nirvana, tori amos
and britney spears all at the same time! also somewhat disturbing.
i love poetry (hehe who doesnt love a bit of sappho ;)hehe) and art, and
well, just anything that can be considered 'beautiful'.
yes, i am superficial. but at least i can admit it! (dont shake your head at
me ugly! :p)
speaking of superficial, im very stereotypically 'teenage'. clothes, gossip,
boys...and girls-ok maybe not that stereotypical, but you get the drift. im
the girl squealing in a really high pitch voice 'oh my god! this pink would
look soooo hot on me!' heehee...its funny coz its true.

anyways the truth is, its pretty hard to sum ones self up in a matter of
words. and as fun as that is, i think i'm gonna stop now.
love and kisses, kerith

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Don't want to seem stupid, but what is Uni?
I always hear people talk about it.
Is it a type of school?

crookedsmile's picture

Right then...

Can you guess who feels like a complete moron?
And the answer is...me!!

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eventually everyone posts

better late than never...our house is still without heat so it's kinda cold to do anything so dexterous as type, but nevermind. I'm Tiki, and when we had personal sites, mine was The Blue Hawaiian Diner. I'm hoping that site exists again someday, because it was organised into little areas like pictures and poems and reviews and articles. Periodically, I'd also blog. In this incarnation of Oasis, I'm mainly a reader and an articler, since I never really blogged. I still comment a lot, as you can see, and I'm sometimes about on AIM, as you can see. I'm 27 in the UK and interested in punk music, art, drama and YA queer fiction. I'm kind of getting too old for oasis, but it's nice to talk to the other oldies because i'd never see them anywhere else. i'm into queer activisim and after volunteering for the gay youth group i used to attend, i keep tabs on homophobic bullying resources etc, hoping i can use them in my theatre work. it's cool reading the blogs of the younger members cos i can totally relate to it, and i don't know...i still feel youthy. but, that's the main reason i don't really blog. :)

Dreaming of the Blue Hawaiian Diner...