Just sort of a get-to-know-each-other thread

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This is one of our semi-regular "introduce yourself" threads. Leave your details below in a comment, and get to know who all your fabulous co-oasians really are. -- adrian

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I bet you see these all the time. Just wanted to ask how old we all are, you know, make all this informaiton more, um, accessible.
I'm thirteen, turning fourteen in eighteen days (the 30th), bisexual, I like video games such as Role Playing Games, First Person Shooters, fighters, I am considered smart by many who know me, I like reading, writing novels and screenplays, Psychology, virology, chemistry, forensics... I am mildly conversant in Spanish, can speak a little but can read a lot of: French, Portuguese, other romance languages. If given enough time, I can speak a little japanese, but not too much. I know a tiny bit of latin, and a very very miniscule bit of greek. Well, that's me.

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The Blue Hawaiian Diner

i remember it too, when i was on a different screen name. it seems like a long time ago.

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Me !

Umm, well my name's Becka and I live in Western
Pennsylvania (not exactly the world's most fascinating
place, but its my home. I'm 16 years old and a
lesbian and have been out for over a year now. Most of my friends are aware of my sexuality but my parents are quite clueless. I've been told I look pretty straight, but recently I cut my hair. Sad as it may be, it makes me feel a little gay-er and that in itself sometimes helps me deal.
Um, I'm an avid reader. Jeanette Winterson is fabulous-
Art and Lies, as well as Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit,
are extraordinary! I watch a lot of movies, mostly
independents though, particularly because there are many more gay-themed indie flicks out there than main stream. I also ride horses, I've been riding for 11 years and just love everything about it. I think that about sums me up....

message me sometime on AIM- ShakerGirl2

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Hi! I'm Kate, I'm 16, & bi. I

Hi! I'm Kate, I'm 16, & bi. I live in a suburb of Cleveland, OH. I play soccer, & I like to read, go online & chat/update my webpage & diary/surf. I play the oboe & clarinet, I like to hang out with friends, & I like to go driving around. I was raised Catholic, but I am leaving the church because of the view of homosexuals. I resent the church saying it is wrong, when it was God who created us & made us the way we are.


aka Insanepenguin


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m connie of marshall high school in los feliz/silver lake or as i call it "GAY CENTRAL!" hehe! ^,^ i love it in marshall....o great now i sound like a nerd...
M CHN!! 15 years old, sex pref:open minded ^,^ havnt heard that eh?
i know cantonese& english (obviously),lil german,spanish(weird how lil i no)& (most lil)jap &mandrin....i only no "knee how ma"...*blush*

i'm a chn satanist/ wicca!! imma freak.....
nicknames:i'm a lil "goth" "rebel" "punk" "wanna-be lesbian"
"techno""rocker""freak" "chn ho" "devil worshipper" hm..wha else
ppl call me

imma pc nerd..i love learning how to use HTML, adobe aftereffects,(hopefully Maya & photoshop soon ;)if som1 teaches me),writin poems,songs & thinkin up stories & bein paranoid... -.-*
omy goth! that statue just moved!
there's poison in this isnt there?" i'll play u in any half life, rainbow6:raven-shield, ww3, panzer elite
games ^.^...ok..this is gettin long &borin
www.angelfire.com/goth2/occults :P

"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne

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Typical Gay Dude-almost

Hey, I'm Jack-I live in NYC, in Chelsea, I'm 14. I listen nonstop to showtunes and I work out regularly. I wear gay clothes, and wear an earring in my right earlobe. I watch shows like trading spaces and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy-Oh, and of course Will and Grace. I'm into fantasy too-like the book genre. I'm pretty perverted, I'm active in my local GSA. Just one problem-my parents know I like guys, they know everything above exept the Jack part-I'm trans. God is messed up and put me in a girls body-I bind and pack, but they haven't noticed. I look like a guy to everyone exept them.

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Sorry, I'm late...

...but graduating has been taking up a lot of time.

I'm Diego. I'm a 24 year old black guy who likes in the backwards thinking place of Little Rock, Arkansas. I like to write, draw, dance, watch anything Joss Whedonish, love horror, comedies, and...well...write. I used to write for Oasis back in the day, but now do my writing on my website...uh...I think that's pretty much it.

Diego's World

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Newbie here.

I'm Dane, fifteen, queer, and I live in New Zealand.

I love reading and writing and anything that has to do with words. I play the guitar... and basketball. I love the band Jimmy Eat World. Hardly anyone in NZ knows them but that's okay.

I'm fluent in two languages, English and Filipino. I've been learning French for two and a half years, and I'm going to keep on with my French classes possibly until university. I want to be an English and French teacher when I'm older.

I'm not really into movies or TV shows (I haven't got the attention span for them), but when I do get into it, I enjoy watching The L Word and Queer As Folk and One Tree Hill, sometimes even Glee and American Idol.

I blog a lot. I spend way too much time on the Internet for my own good.

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Hey Oasians!

My name is Lyndsey, I'm 17, and I live in Oklahoma. I love to write songs, poems, and stories. I plan to write a book in the near future. I'm a lesbian, but I've only come out to one person (and all of you, of course). I'm working up the courage on that though. I live in a town that is pretty closed-minded, not to mention my family is too. I love almost any kind of music. I LOVE reading, drawing, swimming, and watching movies. I'm a little OCD, but people love me anyways. Oh, and I'm a computer nut. I can't help it, I love anything technology-oriented. I'm pretty much sick of high school and the people in my class, and ready to graduate to bigger and better things. College. Meet some new people and start over fresh. I'm so psyched I found this site. I can finally be myself, and it feels great! :)

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The Mandi

Hello *waves*
I'm Mandi (duh), I'm 23 (Jan 20 1987) and I'm ... well I'm confused hahaha, I have been confused for 12 years now. I date a lot of guys for a lot of reasons, none of them being love, and honestly I have no romantic or sexual attraction to them, I just develop very strong friendships ith them pretty much and usually end up dumping them because I can't look at them romantically no matter how much I try lol. During this who trying to be at least bisexual instead of lesbian I have also had a single child, a beautiful little girl, now 3 (Aug 24 2006).
I have been to college but only;y for a basic art fundamentals course, I want to go back for a BA in music at bare minimum.
My hobbies are writing, drawing, music, and creating.
I spend a lot of down time on video games, comics, asian dramas, the internet, and reading, I love reading.
my life is pretty much my kid, work, my kid some more, and a tiny bit of socializing (mostly done online either a computer/the ps3 or texting) just because I am a single parent so it's fairly hard to have a social life outside of my house lol
I love making new friends and if there is anything you'd like to ask me feel free to message me I'm an overly open and honest person (with everything about myself I've accepted)

thanks ^_^ and have a great day ♥

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My name is Jamie and I live

My name is Jamie and I live in England (UK). I'm 14 and bi. I have a short temper and hate stereotypes. I like all kinds of music except rap (annoys me). I can't really be asked with the internet in generalamd have a short attention span. That's about it I think.

Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands? ~Ernest Gaines

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My given name is Elys (pronounced Elise), BUT! That being said, I prefer being referred to as Frost. I'm 22, I guess you could say confused, as I only date feminine men with long hair & wears makeup, I live in Prince Albert, Sask. Growing up, alternate lifestyles were frowned upon (muuuch more than now.
I'm proud to announce that my city is becoming awesome:

----> http://www.pinknews.co.uk/news/articles/2005-2238.html/ <----

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Oh yeah... And I'm in love with a girl named Mandi.

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tee hee


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Grandpa here

I am the old grand pa of the site. Been a member for several years now. I am 57 years old...see I told you I was old...LOL....but I am young at heart.
I give advise, council, help, and in no way want to meet face to face unless its totally by chance. So all you people are safe from this old pervert as some would think I am. But if you look at the past you will see, love, caring and advise given to all who need or ask for it on here.
I live in Chattahoochee Florida right now, and will be going back to Nebraska come April and live in the middle of nowhere in the sand hills. I live in a motor home and travel.
I am here for those who want answers from some one who has been there and done that. Some one who knows how it feels to be hated and loved at the same time. I offer only advise, and love to all Oasisians here. Remember to enjoy life, for today is the first day of the rest of your life. Be good and love one another. Happy trails to all.

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